alas! the category of crossover just got blurrier – thanks to a cute little vehicle known as Adam Rocks Urban Mini Crossover from Vauxhall. first previewed at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, Adam Rocks is en-route to this year’s Geneva event as a production-ready car. you can call Adam Rocks a compact hatch or whatever you want, but Vauxhall think it is a crossover, a mini one for today’s urban environment and it had a heart that speaks decent performance and should be a little wallet-friendly when it comes to topping up the gas. the Adam Rocks is the first Vauxhall to get the new 113 hp 1.0-liter ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo three-cylinder petrol unit which also touts a pretty impressive 166 Nm of torque (122 lb-ft) and it has got an electric folding canvas roof to boot too.

so what makes it a crossover? well, i guess it all comes down to the looks: it has a rugged, outdoor aesthetic presented by the anthracite-colored lower body cladding and is much taller and wider than the rest of the Adam family. we shall not get into the debate of whether or not this is a crossover cos’ end of the day, what you have is a nice looking compact with a punchy engine. end of story. it also features a re-tuned suspension and steering, and rolls on a choice of 17- or 18-inch allow wheels. other exterior touches include integrated rear roof spoiler, LED daytime running lights, integrated fog lamps (front and rear), silver skid plates up front and the rear, and chrome exhaust.

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the electric folding canvas opens up in just five seconds, tucking neatly on to the C-pillars without affecting the car’s overall stiffness and does not intrude into the boot space. according to the British automaker, the roof is acoustically tuned for noise insulation, while the three-layer fabric construction has a neoprene center for weatherproofing and durability – and it comes in a choice of three hues too. three aren’t a lot for individualism, but better than to stuck with black, don’t you think?

it has two new interior trims, one based on the last year’s Adam Rocks concept car and the other, is a “coffee bean design” featuring rich dark brown seats in a black cabin trimmed with bright blue stitching. transmission comes in the form of an all-new six-speed manual gearbox that touts precise and smooth gear change. the 1.0-liter petrol unit also comes in a 90 PS flavor, though we don’t quite understand why would anyone want lesser. the Vauxhall Adam Rocks Urban Mini Crossover is expected to roll into showrooms this summer with an yet to be announced sticker.

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