We thought we have seen some pretty wild custom PC cases, but obviously we were wrong; we have seen nothing yet. If there’s anything this world lacks, talented PC modders with the knack for creating incredible cases are not one of them and the Venator Class Star Destroyer custom PC case you see here is yet another one that’s set to blow everyone’s mind. Created by one dude known by the handle Asphiax as an entry for a PC modding contest organized by MSI, this massive Jedi cruiser is not a off-the-shelf model; it is handcrafted entirely with aluminum and 3D printed parts, painstakingly detailed and spray painted to arrive to what it is today.

Venator Class Star Destroyer Custom PC Case

As you can see, the Republic spaceship from the Clone Wars is beyond detailed and comes complete with lights made possible by length and length of fiberoptic cables. As a person who used to put together PCs together myself using stock cases, I can appreciate the great deal of work that went into creating this masterpiece. That said, it is not surprising that MSI acknowledges the awesomeness and invited Asphiax’s creation to grace this year’s CES in Las Vegas. So, CES-goers, make sure you folks hit up MSI’s stand to check it out in person. As for us, we won’t be there, which is a shame as we had a few folks asking if we would love to talk to them about their awesome products.

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In any case (no pun intended) you can’t be there, then perhaps you can enjoy Asphiax’s work of art through the handful of images we have here, or you can hit up this link where he provides a pretty epic rundown of the build process.

Venator Class Star Destroyer Custom PC Case
Note: an array of 92mm fans for cooling, not for upward thrust – in case you are wondering…
Venator Class Star Destroyer Custom PC Case
The then work-in-progress Venator Class Star Destroyer custom PC case

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