In a world where Chupa Chups is synonymous with lollipop, it may seem like lollipops have met its doom and lollipop lovers are destined to a life of boredom, but fortunately, licking the orb-shaped sweet confections need not to be boring – thanks to Vintage Confections and its creative, handmade lollies that puts planets to your tongue. Instead of plain pink, blue or whatever colored flavor, you will be tasting Uranus, planet Earth, and if you desire, even the galaxy too.

Vintage Confections Galaxy Lollipops

Nope, the galaxy far, far away is not in it, or at least, it is not explicitly pointed out. But I am sure it is there. I am Western Reaches is somewhere in there. You just have to lick it to find out. For comic fans, you’d be glad that you can devour Earth like Parallax once tried to. Rest assure, unlike the super villain, you will succeed. All it takes is 30 bucks, you will be served 10 flavors of beautifully made lollipops. Handmade in the good’ol US of A.

Vintage Confections Planet Lollipops

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