what’s the craziest name for a monstrous PC? Murderbox?

Murderbox 544x368px
(credit: Murderbox) Murderbox Gaming PC | from US$6,000.00 | www.murderbox.com

i respect those who has the patience to build beautiful custom PC but i have even more respect for those who willingly fork out astronomical sum for them. here’s one PC that the latter group of gaming folks would buy. dubbed the Murderbox, which is not exactly a pleasant or beautiful (likely, more sinister) name but this custom PC has every bit of the latest hardware that money can buy in it. so what’s the specs for such sinister named PC? well… it is up to you, really but whatever you want in it, be prepared to fork out at least $6,000 for it and it could go up to as high as $20,000. wow. definitely not for your average gaming folks but more specifically for those uber-hardcore gamers with extra huge pockets.
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via Gizmodo / Uncrate

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