Alarm Dock turns your iPhone into GE flip clocks lookalike

Areaware Alarm Dock 544x388px
(credit: Areaware) Areaware Alarm Dock | US$39.50 |

remember those faux wood grain GE flip clocks that we all love? well, you can now replicate it with the Alarm Dock from Areaware. designed by Jonas Damon, the combination of this dock and an iPhone running a flip clock app let you relive the fond memories of the GE flip clock with the wholesome goodness of the 21st century technology. made out of Beech Wood, the $39.50 Alarm Dock features an opening at the back of the dock to route the power supply to your iPhone. if you ask me, this is one of those ‘extras’ in life. however, if you are like me who depend on iPhone as an alarm clock, this is probably a stylish alternative to those ‘standard’ stand or dock.
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Areaware Alarm Dock 544x308px

Areaware via HolyCool

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