Why Changing Internal Doors Has Such A Big Impact On Your Home’s Design

Have you ever considered upgrading your internal doors? There might have been a few instances when you are renovating and you might have thought about your front door, which can take money and effort, but replacing your internal doors might take only a fraction of that. It’s a great way to change the vibe of your home in an instant. But how? What can you do with a door? Take a look at our suggestions to get started on upgrading your internal doors.

Why Changing Internal Doors Has Such A Big Impact On Your Home’s Design
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash.

It Can Often Be Forgotten

The thing about internal doors is that they are generally forgotten. When you’re wandering around the DIY store wondering what to do, taking home paint samples, and feeling carpet samples, you’re not thinking about how they might go with your internal doors. They’re typically neutral, typically wooden, typically just part of the room the same way the walls are.

But that’s where the beauty lies. This is why changing your internal doors makes such a difference. A lick of paint or a specialized internal door will instantly upgrade the room it’s in just because it’s so unexpected it’ll be considered bold.

It Can Bring In A Lot Of Light

There has been some buzz around the idea of open planning lately, for one big reason: it brings in a lot of natural light. Natural light improves any home. It makes the room look bigger, makes the colors pop, and generally improves the mood of the room. However, open-plan spaces aren’t the only way to do that. You could also consider replacing your old internal doors with modern internal doors. Aside from fitting a lot of great trends, these doors can also come in glass so you can allow the natural light to flow into the room and travel much further into the home.

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As we mentioned, internal doors are typically neutral and typically wooden. This makes for a perfect palette to paint on. Color blocking is all the rage right now, and it involves painting everything: the ceiling, the skirting, and, yes, the doors. They can be painted to be part of the design to blend in, like painting a door half and half like the walls, or the same overall colour.

Even better, you can make them stand out as part of the color palette. Let them pop amongst all the other colors in the room by painting them something different. You can paint the skirting and doors the same color with an opposing color on the walls for a look that still pops but is cohesive with the rest of the room.


Despite what it might appear like from having an entire lifetime of ignoring your doors, there are a lot of options there for incorporating them into your home décor style. That style might simply mean they need a new varnish, or an upgrade in quality, or it might mean they get a whole new look. Take a look at the latest trends and see how you can incorporate your internal doors into your style.

Featured photo by Phil on Unsplash.