Wibit Sports Park 60

Wibit Sports Park 60
Wibit Sports Park 60 | US$tba | www.wibitsports.com

this is the first time we are going to say that setting up a water theme park is probably easier than building a playground from ground up. if you have a private lake or island, the Wibit Sports Park 60 is for you. however, don’t expect thrill rides like The Log or anything remotely close. instead, this inflatable floating water park will offer you a slide, ponds, a cliff, high jump, a pair of trampolines, a swing, balance beams, ‘ActionTower’ and a podium area to crown the eventual winner, if there’s a competition in placed – all contained within a massive floating structure that measures 131′ by 105′ (40m x 32m) and weighs a hefty 1,804 kg (3968 lbs) when not inflated. it’s obvious hand pump is not going to inflate this huge water theme park, instead it comes with seven electric pumps to inflate it into an operational structure in just three hours and it requires a minimum water depth of just 8.2′ (2.5m), which should allow it to be placed close enough to the shoreline. however, how you are going get your guests, including the little ones, from the shore to the Wibit Sports Park 60 is entirely up to you. for a yet to be confirmed pricing, you will get the Wibit Sports Park 60 with 19 fun-filled structures, 18 safety buoys to mark your water park perimeter and 14 anchor bungee to keep your structure from drifting away.

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