Ever watch the History channel’s American Restoration and thought you can probably do the same? Well, that’s until you realized you live in an 866 square feet apartment in downtown Manhattan with no room for anything, let alone a space to fix stuff.

Workshop Simulator Video Game by Intermarum

Besides, you are probably not going to make enough from the restoration job to pay the US$4,000 a month rent anyways. But with Workshop Simulator, you can have the best of both worlds: doing what you love and keeping your day job to afford the exorbitant rent Bob’s charging you.

Developed by Polish independent developer, Intermarum, Workshop Simulator is a simulation game that lets you repair and restore vintage toys, tools, furniture, and works of art using realistic tools and technical craft.

Workshop Simulator Video Game by Intermarum
How many people get to have a barn-size garage? I’d say not many.

Unlike most simulation games, though, Workshop Simulator actually has a story. While embarking on the restoration projects, you’d also be exploring a nostalgic tale of family history and the stories of days gone by locked within the physical possessions. It’d be a trip down memory lane.

Workshop Simulator offers players a warm and creative experience focused on the detailed and rewarding nature of tools and craft, backed by a heartwarming and nostalgic story about lessons in patience and generosity across generations. As the sun pours gently through the window and the smell of sawdust is thick in the air, players use a range of mechanics such as disassembling, cleaning, sanding, and painting to restore vintage items, or express their own creativity through brand-new creations.”

Workshop Simulator Video Game by Intermarum

The Workshop Simulator is available now on Steam and GOG.com at 20% off, for US$15.99 (U.P. US$19.99).

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There’s a bundle offer on Steam, if anyone’s interested, that include Model Builder and Workshop Simulator for US$28.78.

Images: Intermarum.

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