If you haven’t already heard, there’s an upcoming virtual reality game that lets you build model kits in the virtual world. No tools to buy and there’s absolutely no need to deal with lung-choking painting. It sounds like fun but the problem is, not everyone is into VR or has a VR headset. Plus, VR graphics are not as convincing as PC, IMHO.

Model Builder Virtual Hobby Simulator

Thankfully, Modelist isn’t the only virtual model kit building option. There is the Model Builder, a PC video game that lets you do virtual model kit building! Unlike the Modelist, Model Builder has a set release date and it is on February 8th, 2022. It will be available on Steam.

Described as “the next generation of virtual hobby games,” the Model Builder boasts a full roster of vehicles, historical memorabilia, figures, and pop culture icons for players to cut out, assemble and paint. Wait, or was it the other way round for the latter two? Hmmm.

Model Builder Virtual Hobby Simulator
The most health-damaging part of the build but without the mess.

The models you can expect to find include British Spitfire, Dwarf Cleric miniature, post-apocalyptic Wasteland Drifter, the French light infantry R35 tank, and Type VIIC German submarine – just to name a few.

The most important thing is, you can get into the hobby without too much of an investment and mess. TBH, what’s stopped me from getting into the model kit building is the painting. Also, I simply do not have a fixed place for all the tools and the air circulation system.

Model Builder Virtual Hobby Simulator

Anyways, back to the game… the game is not merely a dive-in-and-play simulation game. It has a story, well, kind of:

“Go on a fascinating journey in the footsteps of your grandfather Stan and his achievements by unlocking secrets of the past. Take on model building commissions and enter competitions on your journey to become a world-class model builder.”

Model Builder Virtual Hobby Simulator
A generous studio for building model kit that most people can only dream about.

The Model Builder, which is developed by Moonlit S.A. (of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch) and published by Green Man Gaming Publishing, will hit the Steam store on February 8th, 2022, for yet-to-be-revealed pricing. Meanwhile, you may add the game to your wishlist on Steam now.

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All images courtesy of Green Man Gaming Publishing.

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