If you are a big fan of Toyota and desire to collect every piece of the automaker’s merchandise, then I supposed you will be delighted by Toyota’s “Drive Your Teenage Dreams” Collection. Actually. You don’t need to be a super fan of the Japanese automaker. If you are a person of style, love Casio – specifically, G-Shock, and like collection collab [email protected], well, then this collection will tickle your fancy.

Toyota Drive Your Teenage Dreams Collection

For the uninitiated, “Drive Your Teenage Dreams” is a campaign by entertainment company Starbase for Toyota Motor Corporation to create new ways to enjoy the brand, through collaborative merchandise.

So far, there are 5 products: two designs of Medicom Toy’s [email protected] figurines (a black and a white version), a Casio G-Shock watch, and New Era cobranded hats. The latter is the latest to join the collection.

Toyota Drive Your Teenage Dreams Collection

The [email protected] figures feature the now-iconic [email protected] figures decorated with Toyota’s logo at the front, and Toyota branding and the campaign slogan “Drive Your Teenage Dreams” around the back, against a wholly black or white background.

Save for the Black version [email protected] Toyota “Drive Your Teenage Dreams” figurine (which was a 1000% size figure that was sold for 57,200 yen, or about US$482), the rest of the collab products are still available from Yen Town Market [JP].

The [email protected] Toyota “Drive Your Teenage Dreams” White is offered as a 100% & 400% set and sells for 15,180 yen (around US$128).

Meanwhile, the Toyota x Casio “Drive Your Teenage Dreams” G-Shock is based on the popular DW-5600 timepiece in matte black finished as inspired by the black Toyota Hiace (as seen in the featured photo above).

Toyota Drive Your Teenage Dreams Collection

The watch has a lovely black-out watch face lent to it by the reverse LCD displays aka negative displays and serves as a nice contrast to the striking red Toyota branding.

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The watch is as minimalist as the DW5600 can get and it further features a Toyota logo which only appears when the EL backlight is activated.

The Toyota x Casio “Drive Your Teenage Dreams” G-Shock watch is available from yentownmarket.com for 13,200 yen (or roughly US$111).

Toyota Drive Your Teenage Dreams Collection

Finally, there is a pair of hats based on New Era’s 9FIFTY and 59FIFTY, which if we can be honest, looks like something Toyota staff would wear in the factory. Just saying…

Anyhoo, both hats are in black polyester cotton with the 9FIFTY featuring white embroidered Toyota logo at the front and Toyota branding around the back. 59FIFTY, on the other hand, has a subtle (and cooler, if I may add), Toyota logo and branding.

The Toyota x New Era “Drive Your Teenage Dreams” Hats are available from Yen Town Market [JP] for 6,6007,150 yen (about US$56-US$60).

Images: Starbase [JP].

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