LEGO Peach Starter Course and Castle Expansion Set

A game of Super Mario is not complete without the presence of the beloved ruler of Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach Toadstool, and present she is now in the LEGO Super Mario universe.

LEGO Peach Starter Course and Castle Expansion Set

And mind you, the LEGO Peach is not the usual damsel in distress and a non-playable character (NPC); in the LEGO Super Mario universe, she is totally a playable character.

Like Luigi who joined Mario last year, Peach is an interactive figure – complete with the familiar voice and sound effects – that lets you take her on an adventure to earn digital coins, ride the swing set, and open gifts, all while kicking butts of nemeses like Lemmy and Lava Bubble.

LEGO Peach is able to connect with either LEGO Mario or LEGO Luigi which will enable them to greet each other, celebrate, and team up to defeat enemies. Working together will earn you bonus digital coins.

LEGO Peach Starter Course and Castle Expansion Set

LEGO Peach will be available as part of the LEGO Adventures with Peach Starter Course (71403) which sell for €59.99/US$59.99 when it becomes available starting on August 01, 2022.

Also available in August is the Peach’s Castle Expansion Set (71408) which costs €129.99. Joining LEGO Peach Starter Course and Castle Expansion Set are a bunch of other LEGO Super Mario products:

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71404 Goomba’s Shoe Expansion Set EUR $ 9,99

71405 Fuzzy Flippers Expansion Set EUR 24,99 / US 19,99

71406 Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Set EUR $29,99

71407 Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion Set EUR 69,99/ $ 79,99

71409 Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge Expansion Set EUR 59,99/ $ 69,99

Not sure why the pricing in the U.S. wasn’t provided. It will be quite a wait before Peach arrives. Meanwhile, you may learn more HERE.

All images courtesy of LEGO Group.