This comes as a news to me. Obviously, I know there is such thing called Karaoke and there are Karaoke machines and even microphone with built-in Karaoke functionality, but a Karaoke headphones? Well, I am not going to lie, that is news to me. Karaoke is not particularly big in the western world, but in Asia, it is a huge thing. Perhaps that is why Xiaomi has a Bluetooth Karaoke Headphones, complete with a boom mic for your crooning needs? Maybe.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Karaoke Headphones

Not only is there a Xiaomi Bluetooth Karaoke Headphones, there is now a Xiaomi Bluetooth Karaoke Headphones – “Palace” Edition (or Forbidden City edition, if you like) that shares the same graphics, i.e. the museum logo as well as the mythical beast motif, found on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 “Palace” Edition. Xiaomi Bluetooth Karaoke Headphones is inspired by “an ancient rotary dial phone that was installed by the last Emperor Pu Yi,” so-called marrying the new and old elements.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Karaoke Headphones

TBH, I don’t quite see it. All I see is a modern day Bluetooth headset, spruced up with the aforementioned mythical beast motif and the forbidden city moire in gold. And lets not forget the fancy packaging too. That is not say the headset is not sleek; it is, just that I am going to ignore all the marketing mambo jambo that mostly does not make any sense or connection.

As a crooner’s cans, it offers 3 levels of reverb, one-touch original singing silencing, one-touch ‘fun’ voice changer (that offers five voice types), and high-definition audio recording. You can also use the headphones for the usual audio enjoyment, including listening to music and watching video, as well as take and make calls. If I my Chinese did not fail me, I understand that the headset also has built-in voice prompts, so you’d known what function you have called up, or something along the line.

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Pricing is unknown, but pre-registration is now open for the headset – in China, that is.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Karaoke Headphones

Images: Xiaomi.

Source: Kuai Ke Ji [CH] via Gizchina.

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