Are you confused by the different models of Xiaomi smartphones? Well, if so, then you’d be prepared to be confused by its smartwatches too. That’s right. Xiaomi has unveiled yet another smartwatch, just months after it has revealed the Xiaomi Watch Color 2.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Smartwatch

Judging from the product name, Xiaomi Watch S1, it is supposedly a new series but the thing is, save for premium finish and material, it looks pretty much like the Color range with a slightly different case design.

Not sure what Xiaomi is trying to achieve here. Strength in numbers, perhaps?

Anywho, even the display appears to be a carry-over from the Color 2. It is a 1.43-inch AMOLED item but with high-end watch-grade sapphire glass as opposed to regular glass or Corning Gorilla.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Smartwatch

If I can be honest, the rest of the spec sheet details feel very much like the Watch Color 2. Details like support for 117 sports, water resistance to 5ATM, NFC, built-in microphone and speaker, heart rate monitor, blood-oxygen-level sensor, sleep tracking, built-in GPS, and a 470 mAh battery good for up to 12 days of use.

The battery is rechargeable via the included wireless magnetic charger. Why do I have a feeling that I am repeating myself here?

Xiaomi Watch S1 Smartwatch

Anyways, it looks like it will be China market-only device at this point. Not sure when it will be available in China but when it does become available it will cost 1,049 yuan (about US$165) for the rubber watch band model and 1,199 yuan (around US$188) for the leather strap model.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Smartwatch

Images: Xiaomi [CH].

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