Before anyone jump on me, the Yamaha Land Link Concept is clearly not a Mars rover. I am just saying it looked like. Land Link Concept is in fact Yamaha’s answer to self-driving vehicle.

However, it is clear that it is designed to traverse across variety of terrains (probably not the Red Planet’s terrain). It is not known what is its applications. I guess it is more like a development the technology and in this case, self-driving.

Yamaha Land Link Concept Autonomous Vehicle

What we do know is, it, like so many autonomous vehicle, senses the environment as it is proceeding. AI-based image recognition affords the vehicle to make decision on the route independently and it can, of course, automatically avoid obstacles.

Interestingly, the wheels can be steered and driven independently, thus granting Yamaha Land Link Concept Autonomous Vehicle the ability to move in every direction.

Yamaha will be showcasing the Yamaha Land Link Concept Autonomous Vehicle at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show that is happening between October 24 and November 4, 2019.

Images: Yamaha Motor.

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