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music fans, avid headphones users in particular, falls into two camps: the casual listener who couldn’t care less if they are listening to some cheap cans they stole from their last flight from Japan, and those who demand the very best in audio reproduction. regardless of which camp you swear allegiance to, the choices are abundance but the latter could go to the extremes and potentially make you go broke. and then there’s the sound issue – you don’t want to be emptying out your pockets and getting a specifically-tuned audio cans that doesn’t suit your varied music taste. granted that they may look pretty aesthetically but that’s beside the point. the Yamaha PRO Series Headphones aim to solve that woe that most willing-to-splurge headphones buyers have. being in the audio equipment business for like, forever, you know you are going to be greeted by real-deal, down-to-earth cans from Yamaha – headphones that promised to deliver the best hi-fi listening experience possible across all genres of music and with the look to boot. under the PRO Series, there are three models: an on-ear model PRO 300 ($199.95), and two around-ear (aka over-ear) models, the PRO 400 ($299.95) and the top-of-the-line PRO 500 ($399.95). common features include padded adjustable headbands with soft, smooth ear cushions, snug fit for excellent noise isolation, compact foldable design for ease of storage, tangle-resistant flat cable with inline remote and integrated mic (additional tangle-resistant flat cable without remote for PRO 400/500 models) and all models come packaged with an beautiful carrying case to protect your lovely cans while in transits and a gold-plated 1/4″ adapter for use with your home entertainment system. click through for a few more look.

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