yet another keyboard case for iPhone 4: Nuu Mini-Key Keyboard Case

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(image credit: Mobile Fun) Nuu Mini-Key Keyboard Case | £69.95 |

last week we featured a duo of keyboard case for iPhone 4, now we have one more to add to the rank of keyboard case for iPhone 4. introducing the Nuu Mini-Key Keyboard Case for iPhone 4. similar to the ThinkGeek TK-421 and the Boxwave Keyboard Buddy, the Nuu Mini-Key spots a protective case and the a slide out keyboard but that’s where the similarity ends.
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the Nuu Mini-Key also doubles up as an iPhone stand, which allows the iPhone to be propped up at multiple angles. it has full QWERTY keyboard with backlight, thus enable typing in the dark. the Nuu Mini-Key connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth but has built-in rechargeable battery so that it does not drain the battery from the iPhone.

with the a built-in rechargeable battery, its definitely going to add some bulk to this keyboard case and thus, adding quite a significant bulk to the iPhone. having a keyboard is a good idea but letting the Bluetooth 24/7 is definitely going to tax on the already poor battery life of the iPhone, though the built-in rechargeable should ease a little on that aspect as compared to the TK-421 and Boxwave Keyboard Buddy.

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