you will need to defuse this bomb to stop the alarm clock

Danger Bomb Clock 544px
(image credit: Geek Stuff 4 U) Danger Bomb Clock | ¥4,250.00 |

seriously, we don’t advise you to carry this on your hand carry when traveling. we cannot guarantee if the TSA will start jumping on you when the Danger Bomb Clock shows up in their scan. needless to say, this isn’t a real bomb, but it is yet another contraption which attempt to shake you up from your sweet dreams.

when the Danger Bomb Alarm goes off, you have three minutes to ‘defuse’ the bomb (i.e. to stop the screaming alarm clock) by disconnecting the correct ‘cable’. the color coded ‘safety code’ is set randomly every morning. the color lamps at the side gives you hint to which cord to disconnect. disconnect the wrong one, and the alarm goes on screaming.

a pretty novel way to make sure it does its job of waking you up. only those who wakes up with a clear head would be able to ‘defuse’ the bomb. so good luck. else, you might have just have to suffer through the endless alarm sound and shrieking from your neighbors to shut your alarm up.

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