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Of Course Optimus Amazon Prime Costume Is A Win Because, Prime

No, that’s not a pre-CGI-skinned Optimus Prime – that’s Caron Arnold, creative director of St. Louis-based marketing agency, Fusion Marketing, behind the costume she made using only Amazon Prime boxes. How fitting! You know, Amazon Prime and Optimus Prime? Get it? Get it? Anywho, with the Amazon Prime boxes she has amassed over god-knows-for-how-long and those contributed by her colleagues, Caron cobbled up this strangely attractive costume which bagged her the best Halloween costume contest in her office. Of course, why wouldn’t she win? It is a freaking Prime and Prime always win! But we are baffled by why would anyone keep those boxes around after retrieving the contents and also obviously, she has quite a bit of orders coming from Amazon. Continue reading Of Course Optimus Amazon Prime Costume Is A Win Because, Prime

Turkey Company Turned A BMW Into A Real-life, Transforming Transformers

Good news! Transformers is very real! And the not so good news is, while the transforming BMW coupe, called Letrons, you see here does transform like the movies’ Transformers with sound effect to boot, it can’t walk like bipeds do and it isn’t very much articulated either – saved for the servo-powered rotating wrist, head and moveable fingers, and actuators-powered arms. However, that does not detract its awesome. In Earthly terms, the ability to transform into a robot and still look like a real car that actually drives is in itself an engineering feat. Continue reading Turkey Company Turned A BMW Into A Real-life, Transforming Transformers

Digitally Rendered LEGO Transformers T-Rex Grimlock Have To Be Made!

LEGO Digital Designer has come a long way. The last time I used it, I thought simple LEGO set is all it can do and to be honest, I have absolutely no idea it is capable of building exceedingly complex projects such as the one you see here, the T-Rex Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots straight out from the movie, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. I am a huge fan of complex LEGO sets and this 4,410 pieces LEGO Technic set sure tickles my fancy (like a lot), but alas, to my dismay, it ain’t a real set. It is not even a one-off set; it is a virtual LEGO set created by Flickr user Nicola Stocchi. Damn it, Nicola Stocchi for creating such a beautiful Transformers Grimlock which I couldn’t stop dreaming about it since I first laid eyes on it a couple of months ago. Continue reading Digitally Rendered LEGO Transformers T-Rex Grimlock Have To Be Made!

This Image Of The New Decepticons Barricade Tells Us He Is One Bad Cop

I can’t think of anyone would be a fan of Barricade. Wait, what. Barricade, who? Well, that would be the villain aka Decepticons from the first Transformers movie. Barricade was first seen in 2007 sci-fi/fantasy flick and oh yeah, it was that menacing police car that relentless pursuit Sam Witwicky, otherwise known as his eBay handle LadiesMan217, about a pair of antique glasses he was trying to sell on eBay. Yes. That car. So now for the news. If you are fan, then you’d be glad that he will be making a come back in the next robots in disguise movie, Transformers: The Last Knight and thanks to actor Josh Duhamel (who reprises the role of William Lennox, now as a Lt. Colonel apparently), who tweeted an image of the said vehicle. Continue reading This Image Of The New Decepticons Barricade Tells Us He Is One Bad Cop

Someone Turned Transformers Bumblebee Into A Prime And It Looks Awesome

A bumblebee will always be a bumblebee. It can never be a hornet. What I am trying to say is, in the case of Transformers, the organic transforming robot hero Bumblebee can never be a Prime. He is like a serious workhorse, a loyal follower of the good who can be pretty immature at times (we’re talking about the Michael Bay’s version of Transformers here, in case you are lost at this point). But that does not mean we can’t dream of the ‘what if’ and in this instance, it’s the what if Bumblebee rise through the ranks and takes on the Matrix of Leadership i.e. becomes a Prime? Continue reading Someone Turned Transformers Bumblebee Into A Prime And It Looks Awesome

Japanese Inventors Created a Real Working Transformers Robot

Lesson of the day: Do not sneer at sci-fi movies no matter how ridiculous the ideas might be. Why? Because, it might just turned into reality in your lifetime. Such is the case with Transformers, which is widely considered as mechanically impossible, or is it? Maybe not. Japanese inventors Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki of Brave Robotics and Asratec, respectively, have created a real working Transformers robot that can actually autonomously transform from a car to a robot and vice versa, albeit at a much, much slower rate and without the snazzy, complex mechanical-sounding noises when transforming, but hey, it is a good start, right? The coolest part is, it doesn’t just transform; It can actually walk and drive in their respective modes. Continue reading Japanese Inventors Created a Real Working Transformers Robot

This Is Optimus Prime Souped Up By A Bathing Ape And It Looks Awesome

the classic Optimus Prime sheds its red/blue with flame design as part of the Transformers x A Bathing Ape 2014 Capsule Collection, which was announced to coincide with the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction in Japan on August 8, which is kind of weird that the the collaboration did not base on the silverscreen version of Transformers. perhaps, old school is more in favor in Japan? that said, this Capsule Collection may not necessary appeal to new found fans of Transformers. anyways, the Prime here is known as Transformers MP-10 Convoy Bape Version, which sees Optimus Prime garbed in A Bathing Ape green, accented with the Japanese street wear brand’s signature camo pattern in green, which in our humble opinion, looks way more sleek than the original red/blue prime mover. the toy here, is of course, based on Japanese toy company TOMY’s classic Prime figure, which you may have already see in some of your local toy stores. Continue reading This Is Optimus Prime Souped Up By A Bathing Ape And It Looks Awesome

Bandai Sushi Transformers Toys

take your obssession with things that transforms, including laptop-to-tablet and vice versa, to transforming robot toys, a step further with these Bandai Sushi Transformers Toys aka Gyakusaisei Motomodoru Sushimodoru. while we are not exactly sure if that’s in fact their official English product name, we can be sure that this is really ‘transformable’, albeit not in the way as you would have imagined, but more like a disassembling and assembling process. so for now, you will just have to forget what you know about Transformers and go with breaking apart the plastic sushis and piecing them into their original form and by ‘original form’ we meant to say, the form before they got turn into sushis, such as a tuna, ikura (aka salmon eggs), squid, kappa (aka cucumber – no relation to any fraternity, though). Continue reading Bandai Sushi Transformers Toys

Hasbro Transformers Metroplex

and we thought the Hasbro Transformers Constructicon Devastator was huge but apparently it is now being dwarfed by the new grandaddy of the Transformers: the Hasbro Transformers Metroplex. standing a mega-sized two-feet tall, this metal beast (figuratively speaking, of course. it is still made of hard plastic parts) is officially the tallest, if not the biggest, Transformers yet. apart from being huge, the Hasbro Transformers Metroplex sets itself apart from other puny alien robots with an extra mode of transformation, giving a total of three modes. Continue reading Hasbro Transformers Metroplex

Transformers Limited Edition Collector’s Trilogy

Transformers Limited Edition Collectors Trilogy
Transformers Limited Edition Collector’s Trilogy | US$99.94 | www.amazon.com

we are fully aware that The Avengers fever has cooled, not too mention the Transformers – all thanks The Dark Knight Rises. however, that doesn’t mean special edition Blu-ray of those films are any less popular. the Transformers Limited Edition Collector’s Trilogy is one such example. officially made available on the January 31st (sorry, we are late again. doh!) and apparently, it is selling like hot cakes since. for $99.94 a set, you will score yourself a total of seven Blu-ray disc including 2-disc special edition of all the three films Continue reading Transformers Limited Edition Collector’s Trilogy