By now I am sure we are all familiar with the image of Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man. It has been used in countless memes in the 2010s. For those who do not know, the image was from an episode (“Double Identity”) of the Spider-Man cartoon from the 60s. In this scene, a villain masquerading as Spider-Man met the real web-slinger.

60s Spider-Man Pointing Statue Iron Studios

This scene of two Spider-Men pointing at each other, which was made famous by memes, is now being made into a 1/10 scale collectible statue by Iron Studios.

Officially called Spider-Man ‘60s Animated Series – Spider-Man – Art Scale 1/10, the sculpture recreated the friendly neighborhood superhero with his right arm raised and pointing with his index finger, and his left arm curled with a clenched fist.

60s Spider-Man Pointing Statue Iron Studios

The figure is presented with a pedestal finished with a lone wooden crate (it really should have been two crates, IMHO). Unfortunately, the police truck is not included and neither is the other Spider-Man. So if you desire to recreate the scene from Spider-Man’s first animated series, you will need a 1/10 scale police truck and another same wall-crawler figure.

The Spider-Man ‘60s Animated Series – Spider-Man – Art Scale 1/10 is available for pre-order, at US$150 apiece, from Sideshow.

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Images: Iron Studios.

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