SAF Lock Is An Angle Grinder-Proof Bike Lock With A Shackle That Looks Straight Out Of A Cartoon

The idea that bike thieves would resort to angle grinder to break bike locks is an audacious one, but not uncommon. And you probably have advancement in battery-powered angle grinder to thank (or not!). However, bike lock maker Altor Locks is resolved to prevent such a ridiculous heist and came up with SAF Lock that […]

ZiiLock Bike Lock Lets You Unlock In 3 Ways, Including With Your Fingerprint

While we cannot attest to reliability of the ZiiLock Foldable Biometric/Keyless Bike Lock, we are pretty intrigued by what it has bring to the table, both in the looks department as well as the features. The aesthetic is pretty self-explanatory. It is beautiful and minimalistic. But the real meat here is what it has to […]

Meet Litelok, The World’s Lightest Secure Bike Lock

Usually bike thieves will be cutting up bike locks rather picking the lock. It is the simplest and quickest way to break the lock and that, folks, is precisely why you need a bike lock that doesn’t fall prey to even the most heavy duty cutter. One such as the Litelok Silver. Billed as the […]

BitLock Keyless Bike Lock

while bicycle may not have an ignition to warrant the need to go keyless, it does, however, requires a lock that often need a key. so since keyless is kind of the in thing these days, it is a matter of bicycle lock goes keyless and the BitLock you see here, is the first to stake the claim as the world’s first keyless bike lock.

Locking Wheel Nuts Come To Bicycle, Prevents Your Bike Wheels From Getting Stolen

look past its corny website URL, Nutlock locking wheel nuts for bicycle is actually a much needed and long overdue security product for any bikes. we have tried all means and ways to stop our bike from being stolen and we have achieved that (sort of), only to find the bike is there locked, but […]

Harley-Davidson Is Out To Woo Kids With Newly Announced Electric Balance Bikes

American bike maker Harley-Davidson is out to woo the hearts of the very young, specifically kids of age 3-7, with the Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bikes. However, Harley-Davidson didn’t exactly design the Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bikes from the ground up.