X One Next-Generation Electric Bicycle

Barcelona-based Rayvolt Bike is famously known for its uber retro styling electric bicycle (aka pedal-assist bicycle), but its newest eBike is anything but retro. The X One, as it is known, is on the opposite end of the spectrum.

It is uber futuristic – both in looks and in functionality. Obvious futuristic aesthetic aside, this new eBike has a lot to be proud of. It is made of an all-new aluminum composite frame and leverages on your smartphone to enable a host of functionalities, including facial recognition to turn on the bike and load user setting and voice control to command the bike and GPS.

Even more impressively, turn signals (yes, it has those too!) are activated automatically through your natural movement such as turning your head.

While it may rely on your smartphone for some awesome features, that’s not the end all be all. The bike itself boasts gyro sensor to detect the help you need from, say, going uphill, so it will be less of a leg-breaking chore. And if you hasten your pedaling, it will know that you need that extra boosts and thus provide you with boast you need – again saving your leg from the sore.

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And then, there’s the regenerative braking that automatically kicks in when braking (duh!), going downhill and even when back pedaling.

X One Next-Generation Electric Bicycle has powered by up to 750W motor which is kept juiced by a 42V 16Ah battery that is seamlessly integrated, but removable battery. All told, X One is capable of up to 45 km/h (29 mph) top speed and offers up to 75 km (47 miles) range.

X One Next-Generation Electric Bicycle will be shipped sometime in June 2020. Meanwhile, you can pre-order a unit on Indiegogo InDemand for a starting price of $2,229. Skip ahead for a product promo video to learn more.

Much thanks to Drew for the hat tip.

All images courtesy of Rayvolt.