WeMo-enabled Smart Coffeemaker Lets You Brew Coffee from Your Bed

Making coffee takes time, but for some, it could be drag to be waking up ten minutes earlier to brew the perfect cup of joe. Well, if that’s how you felt, then you probably need a connected smart coffeemaker like the Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker With WeMo. This latest and third product […]

WeMo-enabled Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker Lets You Adjust, Manage And Monitor It From Anywhere

well, if you haven’t already heard, Internet of Things now also encompass cookware – starting with the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker enabled with WeMo. though one shall not confuse this smart slow cooker as another app-enabled cookware such as Anova Precision Cooker, iGrill2 and the many others; it goes beyond being the first smartphone-controllable slow […]

Belkin WeMo Light Switch

fancy starting a home automation for your home, but not sure where to start? well, the Belkin WeMo Light Switch looks like a good place to start. it will not make coffee for you in the morning, but it will, however, let you control the connected light (or lights, depending on how many of the lights you hook it up to) over WiFi, 3G or 4G network using your smartphone

Belkin WeMo Baby

clearly, you would want to be able to monitor your precious little one while you are busy with other tasks but do you really need to ‘see’ them? if there is anything we learn from our experiences, is that visual is the last thing one would pay attention too when you are busy working on something else, therefore, what you need is a baby monitor that offers audio cues, and do it…

Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion

home automation is a dream since, like forever but it has never become a reality commercially due to a variety of reasons which we suspect the huge cost of implementation is the main culprit. anyway, thanks to the power of modern smartphone and of course, the leaps and bounds of technological advancement, we have now inched closer to making it a reality…

Nieuwe Mobiel Show Off Foldable Samsung Concept Phone, ‘Galaxy F’

Samsung has long rumored to be working on a real world foldable smartphone. Not the clamshell phone, or flip phone, btw. It would be an actual folding screen device. In case you still wrapping your head around how it will look like, well, do that no more because, Netherlands’ phones and tablets comparison website, Nieuwe […]

I Bet You Never Thought A Non-Tech Wearable Notepad Could Work

Here’s a new twist on wearables. It is not a wearable tech that we talking about, though. The kenma wemo is an age-old tool with a modern twist, without the burden of modern day tech. Wemo is a wearable notepad. Yes. It is a notepad and it is wearable. However, instead of the usual notepad […]

Welle Wants To Turn Any Surface Into A Gesture-enabled Surface. Yes, Really.

Good news, fans of gesture control. Your love for gestures can now transcend the slab of Corning Gorilla protected touchscreen-equipped smart devices, namely, smartphones, tablets and certain computers. No, Minority report kind of gesture is not what we are looking at. We are looking at something that’s possibility more practical (cos’ swiping in midair can […]

Turning On or Off Your Lamp is as Easy as Flipping this Block of Wood

You know how it is with conventional lamps. You plugged them into wall outlets, switch to always on, and toggle on/off using an inline switch on the cable or a switch on the lamp itself. Whichever way, we have to agree that they are not always easily accessible. The Lightbox solves this by adding a […]

Awesome New Home Automation Gadgetry That Men Will Love

Men like meat, sports, the female form, and gadgets. Like death and taxes, these are facts of life. The recent boom in home automation technology has made most men giddy with excitement, imaging having Bond-esque homes with high-tech gadgetry at every turn. Home automation isn’t just cool and stylish; it’s also convenient, giving you push-button […]