a full size keyboard that’s also a dock for your iPhone

CompuExpert WOW-Keys 544x311px
(credit: CompuExpert) WOW-Keys | US$99.99 | compuexpert.com

are you green with envy that Motorola ATRIX can turned into a netbook with the Motorola ATRIX laptop dock? fret not, here’s a little consolation for iPhone users out there: the WOW-Keys. at the first glance, the WOW-keys from CompuExpert looks like yet another keyboard until you spot an iPhone dock on its right. while it can’t turn your iPhone into a netbook, it can certainly provide some handy usage.
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the WOW-Keys is a full size keyboard complete with function keys, esc, arrows keys et cetera and when the iPhone is docked, it charges and sync the iPhone while letting you play and control the music or videos using the keyboard hotkeys. when the iPhone is docked to the WOW-Keys, it also function as a multi-touch device for inputting commands to the PC or Mac. tell me that feature doesn’t fascinate you. a la-magic trackpad, perhaps? i would think so. oh, just in case you are wondering, the WOW-Keys is a wired keyboard.

the WOW-Keys is set to release come May 24 for a MSRP of $99.99.

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