Acase Black Diamond III by Yantouch

Acase Black Diamond III by Yantouch
Acase Black Diamond III by Yantouch | US$120.00 |

not content with just audio enjoyment from your Bluetooth speaker? then bring on the light show to lift the party mood up a notch with the Acase Black Diamond III by Yantouch. this spectacular orb-like Bluetooth speaker is touted to be the first portable Bluetooth speaker that’s capable of mimicking the music beats and rhythms through interchanging colors. it comes bundled with a remote for easy adjustment of volume, lighting effects, brightness and colors. other key features include a pair of stereo speakers rated at 3W each, bass resonant tube for low frequency audio reproduction, built-in equalizer for improved audio response, diamond LED lighting with shining effect for that extra oomph in the bling department, a choice of up to 16,000,000 colors, three preset color lighting effect, USB-powered via AC outlet, music control via smartphone and a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack. the third generation Black Diamond wireless speaker comes with sticker of $120 a pop. we are not sure about the rest but we are mesmerized by its light show effect which we think could give fast beat tunes a huge lift. seriously, music and synchronized psychedelic light effect. what could go wrong? hit the jump to see the Acase Black Diamond III by Yantouch in action.

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