Finally DODOcase has arrived!

My iPad with DODOcase 544px
(credit: mikeShouts)

finally got my made-by-hand DODOcase for my ipad. there’s not much packaging to talk about but the highlight is the product itself. the quality of the case is impeccable. i like the idea of bamboo material for the frame where the ipad seats. of course the foam pieces securing the ipad seems a little risky but i just couldn’t get over how cool this ipad case looks. it is hard to make justification over a pic, you got to see it for yourself. i also like the idea of ‘cut-out’ portions for access to the volume rocker, power button et cetera, which enable easy access with obstruction. previously, with my apple ipad case, it is rather awkward trying to adjust the volume cos’ the case makes the volume rocker become ‘recessed’.
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this can be rather irritating sometime. the ipad is held in place by the foam pieces at the four corners, which allow easy maintenance of the screen. i am not sure about other users, having the ipad slides into a ‘pocket-like’ case (think photo frame), means having a border around the ipad which dust tends to accumulate underneath this ‘border’ and you can’t clean that part of the screen unless you remove the ipad out of the case. i hate the dust-trapping function of such cases so i am relieve to be using the DODOcase right now. overall i am really satisfied with the DODOcase. at least, until a better case comes up.

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