Wired keyboard and mouse are probably behind us, but don’t go chucking them into the trash bin yet cos’ they can have a fresh breath of life as the input and point devices for your tablet and smartphone, well, at least that’s what Nulaxy is proposing. Nulaxy is actually a keyboard/mouse Bluetooth adapter that acts as an interface between your 21st century gadgets and your old wired keyboard and mouse. All that’s need to be done is to pair this silver box with your device, plug the wired keyboard and mouse to the adapter and you’re good to go. This intermediary provides two full-size USB for your trusty wired keyboard and mouse, and can be powered by a pair AAA batteries, or a rechargeable battery which can be topped via the built-in micro USB port.

Nulaxy Keyboard/Mouse Bluetooth Adapter for Smartphones and Tablets

If the video, which you can find below, is to be believed, Nulaxy seems like a brilliant idea cos’ it could potentially save you quite a bit of money that would be use towards the acquisition of a dedicated Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. However, how well it actually works out is anybody’s guess. We are not quite convinced that Apple small devices will work with any point device, much less one that could be pretty dated. In any case, if you are suitably impressed, you can pre-order one from Indiegogo for $28 with delivery in March 2015. Like we said, if it works as advertised, then you could be saving hundreds of dollars and also help save the planet from being piled with more electronic wastes by recycling your old keyboard and mouse. Pitch video after the break.

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Nulaxy Keyboard/Mouse Bluetooth Adapter for Smartphones and Tablets

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