It has become somewhat stale to reference anything that is remotely dark to The Dark Knight yet again, but we are going to do it anyways. A look at the Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott JS Wings 3.0 and immediately have us associating it with the gloomy, Christopher Nolan’s iteration of the cape crusader. Like I said, I hate to reference it to Batman (again), but in all seriousness, we thought the new 3D crafted wings sure looks like something pulled from the pages of a comic book, or at least looks like The Dark Knight would slip on or should wear. Looking at the product images, it looks like the hint of the three stripes branding is not obvious, if any at all. All we see is this massive, 3D wing engulfing the entire upper front, extending to the side of the shoes.

Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott JS Wings 3.0

We don’t know about you, but we have a feeling that Hermes might be into it – if it comes in white. The Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott JS Wings 3.0, as the product name hints, is the third version of the high top introduced this year, featuring advanced synthetic leather upper and removable neoprene inner sock for durability and comfort. Subtle Jeremy Scott branding (as if it needed any) can be found on the side midsole and as said, it seems to be void of any obvious Adidas branding. However, any loyal Adidas/Jeremy Scott fans should have no problem recognizing them. Not sure what’s the associated sticker, but we will know in a few days time cos’ this awesome fit-for-Batman kicks is set to reach select Adidas retailers worldwide starting October 31, 2014.

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