Yesterday was my first time riding a shared bike and I did not have a good experience. Cycling is fun, but not so much when there are gradients. Bicycle lets you feel the slope that hardly took notice when walking or even running, and the fact that that particular bike’s tires were under pressure didn’t help much. Man, that was pure torture and at that point, I wished I had an electric bike or at least a pedal-assist bike. Anyways, that’s just some useless info that has probably nothing to do with the Aero Foldable Electric Bicycle by French company Weebot that we are looking at today. Aero is sleek new entrant to the eBike market that, from what we read, feels like a full-featured electric bicycle with the benefit of being portable. OK. Maybe not portable, but towable.

Aero Foldable Electric Bicycle by Weebot Folds In Seconds

It is designed to be foldable, so that you can get into elevator without inviting stares and into your office or home. It may be a foldable eBike, but this thing here is quite a beast. A brushless motor of up to 500 watts output is powered by Panasonic lithium battery – the same battery used in Tesla electric cars, Weebot said – which provides up to 45 miles (75 km) range and depending on the models, offers speeds of up to 15 mph (25 km/h) or 22 mph (35 km/h). Ride comfortable and stopping power, on the other hand, are taken care by front and rear coilover suspension system, double rear disc brakes and anti-skid system. Yes. Even ABS.

Aero Foldable Electric Bicycle by Weebot Folds In Seconds

Other key features include 12-inch all-terrain tires, an integrated LCD display, 3-speed selection, integrated front and rear LED lights and turn signals, and an integrated kickstand much like those found on sports bike, except it has wheels on them to facilitate towing when folded down. The more we read into the specs, the more Aero Foldable Electric Bicycle sounds like a motorcycle, but it clearly not that. But it is not portable either. At 46 lbs (21 kg), you can’t simply carry it. Well, you can lift it to overcome obstacles like stairs and kerbs, but I doubt you can lug it around for extended period of time and that’s where the kickstand with integrated wheels come into play. It lets you tow it along, instead of making you do workout in your pristine black two-piece suit.

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Aero Foldable Electric Bicycle by Weebot Folds In Seconds

Like many businesses before it, Weebot has taken to crowdfunding platform to realize this unique electric bicycle. If you like what you see, you can help to make it happen by pre-order a unit. Two models are offered: Aero Plus and Aero S on its Indiegogo page and they are going at special crowdfunding prices of $849 and $949, respectively. Apparently, they are expected to retail for over $2,000, so you’d be saving yourself more than 55%. However, as with any crowdfunding campaign, the risks are inevitable and also, the fate of the products depend on the funding status.

Aero Foldable Electric Bicycle by Weebot Folds In Seconds

Images courtesy of Weebot.

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  1. It’s great that you mentioned a foldable electric bike. I have advance arthritis in my right ankle. This would be a great idea for me to travel short distances. I’ll definitely consider looking into purchasing one!

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