Face mask is the new normal if we are expected to return life to normal. That said, if you don’t trust anything other than N95 masks, well then, AirQueen.com has good news.

AirQueen Nanofiber Mask Now Available to the Public

The South Korea mask maker has announced the availability of a million medical-grade N95 equivalent face masks to the public. For the longest time, supplies of medical grade masks have been a rare commodity, but AirQueen is set to change that with its announcement.

The company expects the million mask it is ready to sell to retail customers to help alleviate shortages at least through the holiday season.

AirQueen Nanofiber Mask Now Available to the Public

The mask, called AirQueen Nanofiber Mask (or AirBON for kids), uses advanced nanofiber material to filter no less than 96.03% of tiny airborne particles in tests performed by Nelson Labs under standard (non-modified) FDA and CDC CFR’s.

AirQueen Nanofiber Mask not only performs as good as the holy grail of mask (N95), but it further boasts greater breathability and comfort than N95, surgical or cloth masks.

AirQueen Nanofiber Mask Now Available to the Public

For demanding mask users, you will be glad to know that AirQueen Nanofiber Mask has received 510K clearance by U.S. FDA which allows the mask to be used in U.S. operating rooms.

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If that’s not enough reason to take a look at this face mask, AirQueen masks may be used 10 ten times if they are cleaned using a 75% ethanol solution. AirQueen is available to both adults and kids.

Prices start at US$7.50 for a two-pack. The said 75% Ethanol solution can be had for US$9.90 for a 100 ml spray bottle.

Images: AirQueen.com.

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