A pressure washer is a versatile cleaning equipment that can help remove grimes and dirt from automobiles, motorcycles like dirt bikes, and anything that isn’t afraid to be blasted by water. And if you haven’t already heard, a cordless pressure washer is the new black for all your washing needs that required pressure.

Albo Portable Cordless Pressure Washer

This new kid in the pressure washer block, Albo Portable Cordless Pressure Washer, you see here is not just another cordless pressure washer; it claims to be “the first true portable cordless pressure washer.” If so choose to, it can run completely cordless and hoseless – thanks to the 18V 4 Ah dual battery packs and the integrated 15L (4 gallons) water tank.

It is not small though. Fortunately, you do not have to carry it. It has a super cool suitcase-style design complete with wheels and a telescopic handle for moving it around.

Albo Portable Cordless Pressure Washer

The pressure washer offers 3 modes: low, medium, and high. In low and medium modes, the dual battery packs, which are removable, offer between 30 and 60 minutes of washing. In the most powerful mode, though, it has just 16-18 minutes of run time.

Albo said that in 30 minutes, you would have to dispense up to 3 tanks which are good for washing up to 2 cars. If so desire, the Jerry can-like water tank can be removed and the device hooked up to a water supply for washing without the need to refill the tank.

Albo Portable Cordless Pressure Washer

The device is powered by a 550W DC brushless motor, and the provides a rated pressure of 55 bar (798 psi) with a flow rate of 3.6 L/min (0.95 Gal/m). Wait. This means it would have finished a tank in a little over 4 minutes. This also means it would have used more than 3 tanks of water in 30 minutes. I don’t know. My math ain’t the best. I shall leave the calculations to you.

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The device is, naturally, waterproofed (IPX5 rated) and it weighs about 6 kilograms (13 lbs) without water. TBH, it is not the most compact but it may very well be the most versatile. You can choose to hose up to a faucet or top the water tank for washing areas that has no water point and power outlet.

Albo Portable Cordless Pressure Washer

You can learn more about the Albo Portable Cordless Pressure Washer over at Kickstarter where, if so desire, you can also make a pledge for a unit for as low as US$299.

Albo Portable Cordless Pressure Washer

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