While cool, wireless earbuds also bring about new sets of inconvenience. Inconveniences such as one more thing to charge and carry, and the risk of losing the earbuds because of the former. As weird as it is, an integrated Apple AirPods case might have solved those “inconveniences” and now, there is the Ascape AmpPack for iPhone users who are non-fan of the ugly-ass AirPods.

Ascape AmpPack Wireless Earbuds/iPhone Battery Case

Ascape AmpPack is a wireless earbuds/iPhone battery case combo that will see to your personal music enjoyment, while ensuring your phone is protected and both the earbuds and the device’s battery needs covered. So, it is much like the PodCase, but not having to put up with ugly earbuds. Perhaps most importantly, the earbuds are “docked” in the case (and auto charges) when not in use and thus, there won’t be “one more thing to carry and charge.”

Ascape AmpPack Wireless Earbuds/iPhone Battery Case

The case is drop-tested and the battery in it is enough to add 100 percent battery to your phone. In addition, it has wireless charging too and we definitely dig the promise of charging three devices all at the same time (wireless or with a single cable). Now, that’s what I call integration! A far as the earbuds are concerned, it boasts comfortable secure fit, automatic wireless pairing, true-wireless stereo tech, and the latest in audio reproduction development, 9mm audio drivers made with 2098 graphene-enhanced micro-film diaphragms that promised ultra high fidelity sound.

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Ascape AmpPack Wireless Earbuds/iPhone Battery Case

Ascape AmpPack Wireless Earbuds/iPhone Battery Case is definitely going to bulk up your otherwise slim iPhone by a bit, but it is a small price to pay for eliminating the inconveniences. If you ask me, the notion of having only to carry one device is really alluring. Ascape Audio has taken to Kickstarter to peddle its ware. For a pledge of $140 or more, you will secure yourself a unit that comes with the AmpPack battery case, the wireless earbuds plus ear tips, and a micro USB cable.

It is worthy to note that the price is 44 percent of the eventual retail price and so, if you want it (and you trust that it will deliver as promised), then you may want to consider giving the campaign a nudge. At the time of this writing, the campaign is yet to be funded, but it quite close.

Ascape AmpPack Wireless Earbuds/iPhone Battery Case

Ascape AmpPack Wireless Earbuds/iPhone Battery Case

All images courtesy of Ascape Audio.

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