With the Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Car Charger, where you will be charging need no wall outlet; you just need a car with a 12V supply port. A ThinkGeek exclusive, the Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Car Charger will recharge up to two tablet simultaneously with electricity, not junks like the actual Mr. Fusion and it will resting on the center console, inside the cabin, not the trunk. Thank god for that! It comes with two USB ports, each putting out 2.1A, so like I have mentioned earlier, it is perfectly OK with charging two tablets at the same time.

Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Car Charger

You probably already have the Flux Capacitor in-car USB charger and you may have been wondering why the hell your automobile can’t break the time-space continuum even you hit 88 mph. Well, the Mr. Fusion Car Charger might be the missing piece. Might. OK, maybe not. It won’t ever, because this Mr. Fusion here does not feed on garbage. Don’t forcing banana peels and expended soda cans into it. Actually, that might a good thing because, as you know, this thing is right smack in your car and you won’t want your interior to smell like a landfill, do you?

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For the price of not smelling like a garbage pile, you’d have to put up with the inconvenience of not being able to zip through time. Unfortunate, it is, but hey, it still look cool, right? Yours for $39.99 straight off, Doc Brown’s garage. Just kidding. From ThinkGeek, obviously, Duh.

Images: ThinkGeek.

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