Sneakers, whether or not it has been worn, are not objects that you want to be close to your face, much less taste it or take a smoke out of it, but for a rather wacky project, men fashion blog Dandy Dairy decided that it is a good idea to retrofit a bong into a Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker to result in the world’s first Balenciaga Triple S Bong. Yes, really. It happened and below is the video of one Uncle Werner (of Dandy Dairy) shows you how it is done.

The video is well shot and presented like a typical, well-made unboxing video, but instead commenting on the shoe, Werner proceeds to coach viewers how to turn one half of a designer kicks into a working bong. Man, this is so cyberpunk! As it turns out, the process is fairly simple. Nothing major going on there, though access to a decent workshop with proper tools like vice, hand drill and such will make things a lot easier.

The hardware required are stuff you can find in your local stores. If you don’t have one half of the Balenciaga Triple S to spare, I guess any sneaker will work too. Just that it won’t be as cool. Then again, smoking out of a shoe is in itself pretty crazy, Balenciaga or not. It is worthy to note, though, weed is not exactly legal everywhere on planet Earth and therefore, you are on your own if you attempt to make one yourself. Be mindful that we did not ask you to.

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I’d say just take the video as an entertainment. Speaking of which, I can’t believe Uncle Werner can keep such a straight face throughout. I guess that made him the coolest uncle on the Internet because, Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker Bong.

Image: YouTube.

Source: Highsnobiety.

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