To be honest, I am fan of Batman not because of what he is. I mean, lets get real. He has no so-called superpower. All he has is his gadgets and you know, detective mind. The former is what attracts me.

Batman 75 Years of Symbols Men’s T-Shirt

Notwithstanding my contradicting feeling towards this ‘superhero’, I won’t say no to the Batman 75 Years of Symbols Men’s T-Shirt. Yes. I know. This is five years old. Bat if officially 80 years old in 2019, but still, the fact that all the known Bat symbols over the last 75 years on a t-shirt, makes it a want. 75 or 80 years old.

The best part is, even five years on, this t-shirt is still up for grab. That said, if you are down, you can pick it up from for $37.99 and up. Available from small all the way to 3XLarge.

Batman 75 Years of Symbols Men’s T-Shirt


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