Action figure is the best thing to happen to toys. It lets you pose, recreate scenes and whatnot. Basically, it increases playability. But there’s a couple of things that bugs me: ugly joins and unconvincing representation of the character. Enters BendyFigs.

BendyFigs Bendable 7-inch Action Figures

Coming from The Noble Collection, BendyFigs takes playtime and display to the next level. For starter, these officially licensed characters boast intricately crafted, life-like details and very importantly, they are posable without those ugly joins.

Thanks to the bendable material, each highly detailed 7-inch figure can be sculpted for play or display. For the purpose of the latter, each comes with a uniquely branded removable display stand.

I am a big fan of action figures, but since young, I have been irked by the inevitable joins. That was until Phicen came along, but the thing with Phicen is, it lacks of characters from popular properties which BendyFigs will have.

The Noble Collection’s BendyFigs will bring to the table (or shelf?) popular entertainment properties like The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Trek and more, with more properties to be announced.

Obviously, bendy figures aren’t new. It has of issues like flaking paint job after repeated manipulation of the figure. While we do not know if there will be flaking paint issue in these new kind of bendy figures, we remain hopeful that newer material technology will make a difference.

Imagine detailed representation of your favorite characters and posable without visible joins. Just imagine that!

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From the first look at the collection, which also includes Universal Monsters, BendyFigs Bendable 7-inch Action Figures do look very promising. We can’t hardly wait to it see how it will turn out.

Images: The Noble Collection.

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