What you see here is a bespoke commission McLaren by North American McLaren retailer, McLaren Beverly Hills. Created by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), this bespoke supercar (more like hypercar, really) dubbed ‘Albert’ Speedtail is inspired by the first attribute testing prototype vehicle name, well, ‘Albert’.

Bespoke McLaren ‘Albert’ Speedtail Supercar

McLaren ‘Albert’ Speedtail here is one of the final vehicles in the 106-car Speedtail production run and an homage to the first Speedtail attribute testing vehicle from 2018.

The new ‘Albert’ is rocking a 1K gloss visual carbon fiber body, resplendent in complex paint themes that took more than 12 weeks to complete. While the exterior paint design is impressive, it was the aerodynamically efficient teardrop shape design and that drives it – a 1,070 HP hybrid powertrain – that had our full attention.

Bespoke McLaren ‘Albert’ Speedtail Supercar

The bespoke McLaren ‘Albert’ Speedtail made its public debut at Sunset GT on August 08, 2021, at Sunset Plaza, Los Angeles, USA. And so, no, it is not a car your money can buy.

Images: McLaren Automotive.

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