I am sure Apple fans are fond of Apple products because they are eco-conscious. Like, how else, would they accept a phone that does not come with a charging brick? OK. Even if that’s not your intention, you can start your eco-conscious gadget lifestyle with the new LifeProof Eco-Friendly Case for Apple’s small gadgets.

Meet LifeProof Eco-Friendly Case for Apple Watch, AirPods and AirPods Pro, and Eco-Friendly Band for Apple Watch, accessories with sustainability in mind. Given how big the following Apple has, LifeProof efforts should make quite an impact.

LifeProof Eco-Friendly Case for Apple

Depending on the accessories, each product may contain as much as 99 percent ocean plastic, which is pretty impressive. LifeProof started its life making waterproof cases and as such, it only makes sense that the brand pays attention to the ocean by reusing ocean-based recycled plastic to make their products.

Dabbling in sustainability is not the only thing with this new collection of gadget accessories made from recycled plastic from the ocean; for every registered purchase, LifeProof will donate to your choice of environmental-related charity.

LifeProof Eco-Friendly Case for Apple Watch, LifeProof Band, and cases for Apple AirPods and Apple AirPods Pro are available now from the LifeProof website for US$29.99 and up.

Images: LifeProof.

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