Folks. There’s a new invention to charge your mobile devices that takes going green to a whole new level. Bioo Lite, as it is called, is developed by Spanish company Arkyne Technologies and it leverages on potted plants’ natural photosynthesis process to charge your smartphone. The contraption consists of the pot containing a hermetical inner tank and a H2O purification system, among other things, that will capture the essence expelled during the photosynthesis process at the roots and convert them into usable electrical energy. When our source stated details on Bioo Lite’s Indiegogo campaign page “a little fuzzy,” we have to agree so.

It is true that the technical details and high it works were laid out in both pitch video and the write up, but it is never clear ‘how it actually works’. Don’t get us wrong, we are not questioning the plausibility of the technology; it is possible, but we need more than just “…biological elements expelled after photosynthesis is transferred for our use in (the) form of electricity.” Anywho, according to Arkyne Technologies, a typical plant is enough to provide 2 to 3 charges per day – “guaranteed of a 1 year.” So how do you charge your device? No, you don’t poke your USB connector into the plant. Bioo Lite Charging Device actually comes with a female USB connector embedded in a faux rock and you use that to hook up to your smartphone with your cable.

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Also, as a boon, you can use any plant, though not all plant generates the same level electricity and nope, cactus is not recommended for obvious reasons. If you have faith in Bioo Lite Charging Device, then may want to consider pre-ordering a unit for 99 euros (about US$113) on Indiegogo. The campaign has already met its funding goal and so, if you backed the campaign, you should be expecting it to arrive sometime in December 2016.

Indiegogo via Discovery News

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