we see the Blackmagic Studio Camera as a good news for aspiring talk show YouTubers. if you dream of doing what folks like David Letterman, Jimmy Fallow or whoever did or are doing, then the only thing standing between that dream and you is a properly equipped studio. speaking of which, this $1,995 studio camera might be a good place to start. if you already have a monetized channel and are racking up millions of views, then two grand is probably nothing too overwhelming, financially speaking. beyond its sleek, magnesium alloy body, it is tailor-made specifically for live production with, naturally, live production-heavy features including a super sized 10-inch viewfinder for framing and accurate focusing, a long 4-hour battery life, talkback for communication between crews, tally indicators, phantom powered microphone connections and built-in optical fiber and SDI connections.

Blackmagic Studio Camera

optical fiber is a God send as far as audio/visual equipment is concerned; it is thin, lightweight, and bi-directional, therefore allowing HD or UHD video signal to be carried, along with embedded audio, talkback, tally and even camera remote control. other noteworthy features include onscreen menus for all camera settings, compatibility with ATEM range of live production switchers, an aviation headset jack for use with affordable aviation headset for talkback, stereo XLR mic inputs, and active Micro Four Thirds lens mount that is compatible with a wide range of lenses amd adapters. available in HD model that records 1080p at up to 60 fps and UHD model for recording in 4K resolution at up to 30 fps. the HD model is available now for $1,995, while the UHD is slated for June release for $2,995.

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Blackmagic Studio Camera

Blackmagic Studio Camera

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