There are a few myths surrounding dogs oral hygiene, but one thing that isn’t is, lack of care for oral hygiene can lead to premature demise of fido. It is true, as one man, Petros Dertsakyan, found out when he was just a kid. With this devastating experience lingering in him, Dertsakyan invented Bristly, a toothbrush for dogs, that will prevent other dog owners from experiencing this avoidable tragedy. Of course, if you have the money, you can always rely on the vet, but as dentists will tell you, maintaining your teeth on regular basis is a must, dentist or not.

Bristly “DIY” Toothbrush for Dogs

What Bristly aims to do is, to let your dog do its own cleaning. By letting your canine friend does the cleaning him/herself, it saves you the struggle and the dog, the agonizing process. With Bristly, it cleans the dog’s teeth without even it noticing because, gnawing is part of its habit. Bristly is made from toxic-free natural rubber, so it is perfect safe for living things. It features stabilizing paw pads for fido to hold on if it chooses to and it is flavored, so it will be more inviting to dogs.

A clever design saw it getting a 2-sided bristle line grooves that will clean dogs’ teeth down to the gum line as they chew on it, while a built-in toothpaste reservoir lets you add the optional probiotic toothpaste to further enhances cleaning. Dertsakyan said the bristle line grooves and the form are specially designed to thoroughly clean even hard-to-reach molars. Bristly here is actually a multipurpose pet accessory.

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Bristly “DIY” Toothbrush for Dogs

In addition to the primary function of brushing the teeth, it also serve to satisfy your dogs’ need to chew and in the process, offering mental stimulation for dogs and prevents destructive behavior and boredom. The best part is, despite all its benefits, it will be just another conventional chew toy to your dogs. Now, that’s sounds like a win to us! And a win it is on Kickstarter where it has garnered nearly 5,000 backers who helped to roll in over $200K in funding to make it a reality.

If you are keen, you can join the 4,965 backers in pre-ordering Bristly “DIY” Toothbrush for Dogs for $22 or more. Delivery is expected to commence sometime in October 2018. Skip ahead for what could possibly be the coolest Kickstarter pitch video ever. Period.

Bristly “DIY” Toothbrush for Dogs

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