If you are a car enthusiast who likes brick-built building sets, then you want to know about Chinese toymakers called DOUBLEE Ltd [CH] and CaDA [CH]. The latter is one of the former’s brands that sells brick-built toys and it has a collab with Mercedes-AMG that no petrolhead will want to miss.

CaDA Mercedes-AMG One Building Set

At the recent Shenzhen Toy Fair, CaDA brought a prototype of a CaDA Mercedes-AMG One building set [CH]. Yes. The Mercedes-AMG One. The gray prototype CaDA brought to the show does not say a lot and yet, said enough. If you get my drift. We know it will have some kind of remote control function, and there will be a detailed interior and the hybrid drivetrain has been faithfully recreated for the model.

Also, it will be a massive model when completed, stretching a cool 60 cm (24 inches) long.

Alongside the gray prototype of the Mercedes-AMG One, CaDA also showed off another upcoming brick-built set, an RC JCB excavator. Nice.

CaDA JCB Excavator Building Set

It looks like China’s plastic brick building is giving OG LEGO a serious run for its money. CaDA like so many plastic brick-building toy companies is not bound by LEGO’s moral obligation. LEGO has a policy not allowing real-world machines of war as part of its LEGO sets. CaDA, on the other hand, did not bat an eyelid doing it. It has a bunch of tanks and a couple of long-range rocket launch platforms.

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But I don’t care about those. I am looking forward to the CaDA Mercedes-AMG One Building Set.

Images: Weibo (咔哒CaDA) [CH].

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