Transformers Megatron Segway GT2 Superscooter

The first product from the Segway and Transformers collaboration we heard about in March is finally here. Back then we already knew three Segway products will receive the Transformers co-branding and they are a Bumblebee GoKart Pro, an Optimus Prime Kids Kicksctooer, and a Megatron KickScooter GT2, which we now know is officially called Megatron Segway GT2 Superscooter.

Transformers Megatron Segway GT2 Superscooter
The other side is where you find the Decepticon logo but strangely, the promo pics are mostly taken on the left.

The Megatron Segway GT2 Superscooter is based on the new Segway SuperScooter GT2. That said, it is technically the same but with some couldn’t-be-more-subtle Decepticon touches.

There is a rear plate bearing the Decepticon emblem. The emblem can also be found on the side panel on the right, along with the “TRANSFORMERS”, against a Cybertronian-inspired geometry background. The Decepticon logo can also be found printed on the center of the handlebar.

Then there is a nameplate inscribed with “DO AS I COMMAND” (with the ‘O’ on ‘COMMAND’ being the Decepticon logo). Below is the name of the scooter (i.e. Segway SuperScooter GT2) along with MEGATRON Limited Edition and the edition number.

Completing the nameplate is a line art of the head of Megatron. As far as Megatron touches, those are about it. I thought it should at least get a different paint job. Perhaps in silver or grey with purple accents. You know, colors that are relatable to the evil master of Decepticons.

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Transformers Megatron Segway GT2 Superscooter

I can’t help but feel the collab was half-hearted. The product page doesn’t emphasize much what you’d get from this limited-edition SuperScooter GT2. All you get are some photos of the Megatron treatment (more like the Decepticon treatment, really).

The ride will come with a Transformers-themed document pack with a plaque of sorts. Again, no description and so I have no idea what it is. So I am just guessing.

The page is supposed to be dedicated to this collab and yet, you have more tech specs of the scooter than the features of the collab. The product purchase page is not any better. You know it is selling the Megatron Segway GT2 SuperScooter but probably cannot tell what is so special about it.

If you scroll down the product info, you can’t even tell that it is the Megatron edition, save for the lone pic that has the Decepticon logo. Seriously, Segway, you ought to do better than this.

Transformers Megatron Segway GT2 Superscooter

Anyhoo, the Megatron Segway GT2 Superscooter is available now for US$3,999.99. It would be the same price as the non-Megatron edition if not for the ongoing sale with the regular GT2 (US$3,699.99). TBH, as a fan of Transformers, I am convinced there’s anything special that would make me want to drop 4000 bucks for it. Just saying…

Images: Segway [US].