Here’s an amazing, award-winning animated short by director Victor Haegelin that you don’t want to miss. The story is about an unexpected superhero Captain 3D who sprung to life from the cover of his comic book. Everything to this superhero is a-OK until he put on his “super anaglyph glasses” (basically, 3D glasses). With the 3D glasses on, the world is an entirely different place. A place that calls for his heroic might to save a damsel in distress, well, albeit rather comically.

This stop-motion animated short is whimsical take of superhero and contains both action and comical moments that will, strangely, makes one go “awww… this is so cool.” It kind of reminds me of The Incredibles. It is fun. It is funny. And it is, well, super cool. Go ahead and have a look at the video embedded below. I promised it will be three minutes plus of your life well spent.

Image: Vimeo.

Source: The Awesomer.

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