I am sure you have heard about the saga over at Suez Canal by now. A Taiwan-registered cargo ship operated by a Japanese shipper somehow got stuck at the world’s most used shipping short cut.

Cargo Ship Stuck in Suez Canal Microsoft Flight Simulator

Apparently, strong cross winds forced the 400-meter (1,300-foot) long Ever Given to align perpendicularly to the canal which is just 205 meters (673 feet).

Needless to say, the cargo ship landed herself in an embarrassing predicament, blocking the entire canal. That happened on March 23 and a week later, it was finally freed.

Cargo Ship Stuck in Suez Canal Microsoft Flight Simulator

Anyhoo, the saga did not just made the news; it made it to video game too. Apparently, someone has created a Microsoft Flight Simulator mod that places the grounded vessel inside the virtual Earth of the game.

We are not sure how real is this, or was it just CGI. It is nevertheless hilarious. I know, we shouldn’t laugh at what has happened, but damn, the idea of a stuck cargo ship in real life appearing in a game is just too funny.

In the video the purported Microsoft Flight Simulator mod video shows a cockpit view of an unknown model of aircraft flying along the world’s busiest waterway when the “Captain” notice the stuck cargo ship.

Evergreen Ever Given Cargo Ship Stuck at Suez Canal Satellite image
Satellite image of the stuck cargo vessel captured by Airbus-built Pleisades Earth-observation satellite on March 25, 2021. (Credit: Airbus).

And yes, the mod replicates the stuck vessel which can be viewed like any landmark and scenery in the game.

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The video was shared by Mat Velloso, the technical advisor to Microsoft CEO, on Twitter on March 29.

The video was originally posted on YouTube by Donut_Enforcement on YouTube on March 28. In any case, it is good to know that the ship is now free and shipping through Suez Canal has resumed.

Images: Youtube (Donut_Enforcement).

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