If you have hope for ruggedized Apple devices, my two cents is, it will not happen. It took them long enough to waterproof its smartphone and so, it is safe to say, ruggedized devices such as a tough-as-nail HomePod is unlikely. But not all hopes are lost though, well, at least not if we are talking about “ruggedizing” the HomePod because, there is the Catalyst Waterproof Case for HomePod. With this accessory, you will get all the goodness of what HomePod has to offer without being afraid of water, knocks and even drops. Each enclosure is IP68 rated, which means, with it, the HomePod can go up to 33 feet (10 meters) deep into the water if you desire.

But seriously, why would anyone want to do that? Anywho, it is designed to meet or exceed MIL-STD 810G which enables the Catalyst-protected device to sustain drops and shocks from up to 6.6 feet (2 meters). Other key features include double o-ring for added waterproof security, marine-grade stainless latches, clear polycarbonate top housing for showcasing the HomePod and a thing called “Signature Aquaphonics True Sound” acoustic technology so that you can continue to use Siri even in the presence of moisture (I am smelling fish here already).

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The same technology, which is composed of an array of tweeters around the base of the case, is also responsible for piping sound out with special attention paid to poolside resonance. According to the official words which came out on April 1st (note the date!), “you can now listen to music, news, control your home air conditioner or security system and add to your weekly grocery list from 33 feet (10m) under water.” If you ask me, getting an AC-powered equipment near the water is a VERY BAD IDEA. By now, you should already know this thing ain’t legit. But I am not going to lie. We almost fell for it! Good one there, Catalyst. You almost had us!

And the moment of truth:

Catalyst Waterproof Case for HomePod

All images courtesy of Catalyst.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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