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Two-wheel engine or electric powered vehicle that can go pretty fast and sometimes exist in three or four wheels form.

Husqvarna announced the World Championship Meo TE250 Replica

Husqvarna Motorcycles Meo TE250 Replica img1 544pxAntoine Meo 2010 TE250 Replica | approx. US$13,000 |
(image credit: Husqvarna Motorcycles)

motocross fans will be please to know that a replica championship bike won’t cost you an arm or a leg. seriously, where can find something that said ‘replica’ and be affordable at the same time? not to mention a millimeter perfect replica that can claim to be affordable. Continue reading Husqvarna announced the World Championship Meo TE250 Replica

sci-fi inspired all-terrain three-wheeler: Phase 2.0

Artuto Arino R Phase 2.0 All-terrain Three Wheeler 544px
(image credit: Yanko Design)

we love concepts (design). concept means it is… well… a concept. concepts are dreams of designers and engineers, hence it can be wildly conceived and likely will not see to real-life production. one thing we have to admit, concepts do excites us. it gives hope and insight into our future. well, here’s another concept from designer Artuto Arino R that tickles our imagination: the Phase 2.0 All-terrain Three Wheeler. Continue reading sci-fi inspired all-terrain three-wheeler: Phase 2.0

AMG to cooperate with Ducati: Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG and Ducati

AMG CLS and Ducati 544px

(photo credit:

the cooperation agreement was signed this week between AMG and Ducati. you might thought its a development cooperation but it is fact, a marketing cooperation. both establishment will develop common marketing activities with this agreement. Continue reading AMG to cooperate with Ducati: Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG and Ducati

a trip to BMW World Singapore (Photos)

BMW World Singapore 544px
BMW World Singapore (Nov 9th – 14th) opens its door today at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. the BMW World Singapore is the Asia’s largest showcase of BMW innovation, design and heritage. we were there too, just to have a first hand glimpse of the BMW GINA Light Visionary, a concept that is completely clad in a flexible fabric skin which can change its shape with a touch of a button. also on showcase was BWM iconic (heritage) trio, namely the BMW 507, the BMW Z1 and the BMW Z8. Continue reading a trip to BMW World Singapore (Photos)

sporty (carbon-fiber) power cruiser – the Renard Grand Tourer GT

Renard Grand Tourer GT 544px
Renard Grand Tourer GT | approximately US$96,000 |

if you are a carbon fiber fan, this 2-wheeler from Renard Motorcycles might interest you. you can’t get it right now, but it will be available next year – if you have US$96,000 to spare. Continue reading sporty (carbon-fiber) power cruiser – the Renard Grand Tourer GT

Chopper City BatPod Replica: super heroes required

Chopper City BatPod Replica 544px
(photo source:
i’m not a huge fan of the Dark Knight, but the vehicles the cape crusader uses are something i wish i had in real life. and here it is the real life BatPod… replica built by Dave Welch. named the PS-POD, it is powered by a 850cc V-twin engine from Aprillia Mana. needless to say, a lot of metal bending and rolling has gone into reproducing the Dark Knight 2-wheelers complete with grappling hook and mock up guns. Continue reading Chopper City BatPod Replica: super heroes required

new old vintage of the week: 2010 Vespa GTS

Vespa GTS 250 Super 544px
(photo source:
there’s just something about retro these days. the more technologically advanced we are today, the more we want a piece from yesteryear. so we redesign the vintage into a new product, throwing in the modern day livery. Vespa is a good example. of course, nothing beats a real vintage but being a real vintage could mean high maintenance, and not mention it is definitely not environmentally friendly. remember those coal-burning steam cars? those were definitely a big no-no in today’s context. Vespa has a history that dated back to 1946, and have since garnered quite a cult following. i still like the original vintage, despite being a potential target for the environmentalists. so let’s hit on the retro note, grab a Diana Mini lomo camera, an iPhone 4 with the retro iTape Deck case and hit the road on a Vespa. attire is entirely up to you. Continue reading new old vintage of the week: 2010 Vespa GTS

Ferrari-themed trike based on Suzuki Hayabusa

Ferrari-theme Suzuki Hayabusa Trike - front 544px
(photo source:
i love this conversion. i am not rider myself but the power of Hayabusa has always mesmerized me. so why do i like this so much? i am paranoid about 2 wheelers. being thrown off a bicycle twice in my life time, and ended up in a rather dire situation, 2 wheelers is a nightmare. here comes a dream bike, but in a trike form. what makes this even more alluring is it’s Ferrari-themed, right down to its decals. according to, its creator was contacted by Ferrari after they saw the video of his creation, but it is ok if is a one-off fan-only vehicle and he can’t produce sell the clones. so this is really one-of-the-kind. we can only drool over it. Continue reading Ferrari-themed trike based on Suzuki Hayabusa

Wunderlich S 1000 RR “Piranha” conversion kit

Wunderlich S 1000 RR "Pirahna" conversion kit 544px(photo source:
to me, Wunderlich is to BMW bike as RUF is to Porsche cars. this latest conversion kit from the German bike tuner for the S 1000 RR is named “Piranha”, and it sure looks like one. the “Piranha” kit is the creation of Wunderlich’s very own in-house designer, Nicolas Petite. highlights include handlebar conversion, single-bulb XENON headlamp, “RR-Vario” footrest assembly, light race hump, adjustable number plate mount and indicators with built-in rear/brake light functions, lighter PVM 6 spoke high-performance wheels, SBK sports exhaust system, performance controller, MotoMaster brake discs, Ohlins chassis and steering dampers (tuned by Wunderlich’s racing rider, Frank “Fritz” Spenner) etc. as you have read, enhancement is not limited to aesthetic, but also with improvement to the handling and performance departments. seriously, i am astounded by it’s beauty. aren’t you? Continue reading Wunderlich S 1000 RR “Piranha” conversion kit

limited production Icon Sheene ultrabike

Icon Sheene Super Bike(photo source:
only 52 of these ultrabike will be available worldwide. get this right, that is not even 1 bike per country. acquire one of this and you will become part of the exclusive Sheene 52 club. each Icon Sheen is hand-built and custom to your build and specifications, so no two bikes are the same. how’s that for exclusivity, asides for the limited production numbers? with a hand-built 1400cc Suzuki turbocharged engine pushing out 250 screaming horse power to it’s rear wheel, the Icon Sheene definitely lives up to its name and a worthy tribute to the late Barry Sheene. hardware specs aside, each bike is hand-painted with an image of a playing card which differs from bike to bike as a deck of cards has 52 in all. the artist responsible is Mike Fairholme, the man who painted Sheene’s own helmets. exclusive Icon Sheene helmets, painted by Mike Fairholme, is also available optionally to owners of Icon Sheene. another point up for exclusivity.

visit Icon Sheene website.