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Other autos covers everything that doesn’t fall into the mainstream categories and may include rides such as powered skateboards.

Gnarboards Trail Rider Electric Skateboard

Gnarboards Trail Rider Electric Skateboard
(photos: Gnarboards) Gnarboards Trail Rider Electric Skateboard | from US$4,800.00 |

if you think today’s electric skateboards are little too tame to make it to your ‘to buy’ list, then the Gnarboards Trail Rider Electric Skateboard might just change your perception. what sets the Trail Rider apart from the rest of the electric skateboard is its wicked fast speed: it can reach a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) in just 1.9 seconds. the Trail Rider is driven by four 850W electric motors, each driving one of its four wheels. Continue reading Gnarboards Trail Rider Electric Skateboard

Wheelsurf Monocycle

Wheelsurf Monocycle
(photos: Hammacher) Wheelsurf Monocycle | US$13,000.00 |

those who have watched Men In Black III would have noticed the pair of awesome futuristic monocycles and you didn’t think it is possible but in fact, in reality there is such monocycle that spins its lone wheel around the rider. well, maybe not as shiny and futuristic looking but somewhere along that line. in fact the Wheelsurf Monocycle, as it is known, have been around for quite sometime now. it is touted as the only monocycle in production (one with such a big wheel, that is) and it lets you cruise around at speeds up to 40 km/h (25 mph) for about two hours with less than 0.5 gallon of petrol. Continue reading Wheelsurf Monocycle

Santa Cruz x The Simpsons Skateboard

Santa Cruz x The Simpsons Skateboard
(photos: Santa Cruz) Santa Cruz x The Simpsons Skateboard | from US$66.95 |

strange as it may sounds, your love for that yellow animated characters may just want you to skate along with it. yea, we know. Bart is the one on the skateboard but that doesn’t mean the rest of the family can’t appear on the skate deck as well. we are talking about skate decks with graphics (and some, shapes) inspired by those irritatingly lovable yellow characters. our favorite gotta be Homer Simpsons, though Bart takes a special place in our hearts. Continue reading Santa Cruz x The Simpsons Skateboard

BLADEFISH 7000 Turbo Sea Jet

BLADEFISH 7000 Turbo
(photos: BLADEFISH) BLADEFISH 7000 Turbo | £749.99 |

as sleek as the BLADEFISH 7000 Turbo might look, it is not going save your ass if you are being chased by the man-eating great white shark, a creature that can effortlessly reach a top speed of 25 mph. instead, this four-speed sea jet’s 280W motor powered by a 18V lithium-ion will propels you through the water at a leisurely pace of 6.5 km/h (4 mph) to a depth of up to 40 meters (131 feet). a fast charge, though no specific timing were given, offers you up to two hours of underwater exploration and it is has a positive buoyancy, ensuring that it will not sink into the deep blue in case you lose grip of it. Continue reading BLADEFISH 7000 Turbo Sea Jet

James Perse Limited Edition Skateboards

James Perse Limited Edition Skateboards
(photos: James Perse) James Perse Limited Edition Skateboards | US$PoA |

skateboard is nothing new or radical these days, unless it is motorized or something and the top dollars that you shelled out for the trucks and tiny rolling stocks ain’t going to make you stand out as far as aesthetic is concerned. the only thing that’s going get you the attention and possibly make you feel good about it is the deck. at this point, you can either choose to go the graffiti graphic way or take on a more classy path like the James Perse Limited Edition Skateboards. Continue reading James Perse Limited Edition Skateboards

SNAP Skateboard – it’s foldable!

SNAP Skateboard
(photos: SNAP Skateboard) SNAP Skateboard | US$119.00 |

getting around on skateboard is fun and to certain extend, doing your legs a wee bit of favor but honestly, when you are done with it, you would probably find it a chore to be lugging it around. however, toting around the cumbersome board would be a thing of the past if you have the SNAP Skateboard. crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, the SNAP Skateboard consists of three foldable sections that enable it to transform from a 32-inch board into a 14-inch item, facilitating easy stowing in your regular backpack. the three sections snap together and are held in place by high strength steel pins. despite being foldable, the board is totally capable of cruising and doing tricks. Continue reading SNAP Skateboard – it’s foldable!

spnKix – Motorized Roller Skates

spnKix - wearable mobility
(photos: spnKix) spnKix – Wearable Mobility | US$649.00 |

let’s face it: we are often in a dilemma when comes to getting ourselves to a location that’s too far to walk or too near to drive. sure, we can always pedal our way there but stowing a huge thing like a bicycle is not necessary an easy task either. a motorized skateboard could be the solution or you could go a notch up the style mobility scale with the Spnkix. this innovative product with an almost unpronounceable name is essentially a pair of ultra cool looking skates supercharged. in another word, this pair are motorized. think of it as add-ons for your regular shoes that will will save yourself some legwork – literally. spnKix are battery powered (obviously), motorized skates crafted from fiber reinforced nylon and aluminum that straps right on to your standard shoes. Continue reading spnKix – Motorized Roller Skates

ZBOARD Electric Skateboard

ZBOARD Electric Skateboard
(photos: ZBOARD) ZBOARD Electric Skateboard | from US$499.00 (pre-order) |

let’s be honest: we don’t fancy walking as much but driving to our local mall, which is just a stone throw away might not be exactly an eco-friendly mode of transport. agree? a bike would be too cumbersome and risk being snag by some bike thieves. lucky for lazy folks like us, there is electric skateboards like the ZBOARD to take the sores out of our legs. what’s really worth mentioning is, the ZBOARD has no awkward ‘joystick’ to control its throttle but instead, its forward motion and braking are controlled by a pair of pressure sensitive pads, strategically positioned at the front and the rear of the board. all you have to do is hope on board, lean forward to get going and lean back to brake. in effect, it works totally like the traditional kick-your-way-along skateboard but without the extra leg work. Continue reading ZBOARD Electric Skateboard

this skatescooter takes on the street and the snow

The Street and Snow Scooter 900x800px
(photos: Hammacher) The Street and Snow Scooter | US$99.95 |

winter is almost here. so the fun kicking Skatescooter is likely to retire into your garage’s storeroom until Spring comes around but not if you have the Street and Snow Scooter. as the name suggest, this ‘convertible’ skatescooter is totally at home on the pavement and in the snow. it comes with a kit that swap the pair of polyurethane in-line skate wheels with two HDPE mini skis, allowing you to hit your neighborhood snow slopes for some great skatescooting ski fun. as a rolling two-wheeler, it has a rear-wheel fender brake and in its ski-mode, it has a rears-ski fork brake for the necessary stopping power when sliding on the snow. thus you can be sure that you won’t go crashing into your neighbor’s home. Continue reading this skatescooter takes on the street and the snow

witness the World’s Fastest Couch in action

world fastest couch 544x311px
(image: screenshot from YouTube video)

when it comes to furniture, the words ‘World’s Fastest’ hardly come into play, except if your furniture – a couch, in this instant – has an internal combustion engine under the hood, or should i say, under the seat. that’s truly one hot seat that would require you to don a full racing suit, racing shoes, and of course, a helmet when piloting it. especially so when it could hit 101 mph (163.12 km/h). this world record holder for the world’s fastest couch comes complete with a table (and a bowl of fruits to boot), not because of complimenting sake but rather, a necessity to improve its aerodynamic performance. this is one furniture that should compliment Perry Watkins’ world’s fastest dinning table and also betters Chris McIntosh’s leisure motorized recliner chair. Continue reading witness the World’s Fastest Couch in action