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Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock is one arty zinc alloy dock

OZKI Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock 544x338px
(image credit: OZAKI) OZAKI Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock | £79.99 |

this iPhone 4 dock looks like a piece of contemporary art in its zinc alloy form. connecting to your computer via USB, the OZAKI Nautilus iPhone 4 dock will charge and sync your iPhone 4. it also provides a non-powered, natural amplification for your iPhone 4 when dock. nice, though no doubts this will be a huge fingerprints magnet. we love the knurled footings (not visible on the image, but there are there). Continue reading Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock is one arty zinc alloy dock

jukebox goes digital and all touchy with TouchTunes Virtuo

TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke 544x438px
(image credit: Frog Design)

everything is going digital in this ‘digital age’. even compact disc seems so yesterday in today’s context. case-in-point: the TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke is a digital jukebox designed by Frog Design for TouchTunes Interactive Networks. it is the jukebox of today and possibly, the future. the ambient backlight and the vibrant digital display of the Virtuo beckons user to interact with it. digitized format means a more compact footprint, more content and easier search of music that the user wants.

other features includes customizable interface to suit the venue such as inputting selection of the staff favorite songs and user-definable playlist that’s stored onboard or through their MyTouchTunes account. the latter features will certainly helps to assure returning customer to the bars or pubs and instill a sense of belonging in the venue. the Virtuo SmartJuke has a built-in camera that can captured moments when user or users are using it, turning it into a instant photo booth. though no details on whether users will be able to have a piece of the picture taken. check out some images of this beautiful jukebox below.

images horizontal 544x38px

TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke - Charles Goldstuck, CEO of TouchTunes 640x500px TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke - ambient light and vibrant display beckons it to be used 640x500px TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke - close-up 640x500px TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke - front view 640x500px TouchTunes Virtuo SmartJuke - user interface 640x500px

via Born Rich

Colorware introduces custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones

ColorWare Custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 main 544x311p
(image credit: ColorWare) ColorWare Custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 | US$560.00 |

Pioneer HDJ-2000 – a pair of headphones destined for DJs and audiophiles alike. beyond the flashing bright lights of your DJ-ing career, how else could you stand out from the crowd of aspiring DJs? well, get yourself a customized color Pioneer HDJ-2000 from ColorWare, of course. the vibrant sound of the HDJ-2000 is best spoken with colors, and you can customize the different parts of the headphones to any palette that you fancy. of course, being uniquely different doesn’t come cheap and speaking of which, the ColorWare Custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 will set you back at a wallet breaking $560 or you can send in yours for the customization process for $260. damn, i wish the earmuff could be in any color except black. Continue reading Colorware introduces custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones

Samsung shows off new solar-powered transparent LCD

Samsung Transparent LCD Display prototype
(photos: Patrick H)

there are two amazing innovations in this new 46-inch prototype from Samsung. firstly, it is completely solar powered and its low power consumption means ambient light is all it takes to power this LCD TV. secondly, the screen is completely transparent and therefore, it harness the ability to display images on the screens while objects behind is still visible. though, the objects behind could be a distraction to the screen user but it could find useful applications in other area such as head-up display for vehicles, storefront displays et cetera. the storefront display concepts is pretty, obvious cool. just imagine passing a store window and checking out the products, while the window shows snippets of your promotional items or today’s special. if that ain’t cool, i don’t know what is. did we mentioned that the screen is multitouch too? Continue reading Samsung shows off new solar-powered transparent LCD

WALdock, iPod speaker that takes up a little space

WALdock main 544x368px
(image credit: WALdock/Hern Kim) WALdock Wall Plug-in Speaker for iPhone/iPod | US$59.00 |

there are products that just so straight to the point that they need no or little introduction, like this compact single speaker iPod speaker here. dubbed the WALdock, this iPod speaker plugs direct into your wall socket and you have one one nifty gadget that amplifies your music and charges your iPhone/iPod at the same time while taking up a space slightly bigger than a single wall socket. the rapid development prototype is looking good and the best part is, it comes with a built-in battery which allows this little speaker to be used virtually anywhere. cool.

Hern Kim is the designer behind the WALdock and he’s currently appealing for support to make the WALdock a reality via Kickstarter page. if you are keen in getting your hands on one, head on down to his Kickstarter page and make your pledge. a minimum pledge of $59 will get yourself one WALdock. though, no color options are mentioned.

images horizontal 544x38px

WALdock image1 640x450px WALdock image2 640x450px WALdock image3 640x450px WALdock image4 640x450px

Peel lets you discover and control your TV programming

The Peel Universal Remote 544x311px
Peel Universal Remote | US$99.95 |

Peel is not the first universal remote that’s designed for use with iPhone, but it’s the first that looks cute and perhaps, making your cable UI looks a little more presentable, if not more stunning. as with all universal remote for iPhone, the Peel, is in fact a go-between between your IR-commanded devices and your WiFi/Bluetooth enabled iPhone. Continue reading Peel lets you discover and control your TV programming

is it a Megaphone? or is it a Megaphone Loudspeakers?

Megaphone Loudspeakers main 544x428px
(image credit: Corentin Dombrecht)

rather than giving the speakers a conventional boxy form, designer Corentin Dombrecht has chosen the form of a megaphone to represent the speakers. shaped in the distinctive horn of a megaphone crafted out of unfinished wood with, of course, circuitry components that’s worthy of any modern loudspeakers. it is, however, a concept which means no detail of its innards workings but it is no doubt beautiful. it will be cool if the ‘trigger’ of the megaphone could be turned into a switch. don’t you think so?

images horizontal 544x38px

Megaphone Loudspeakers by Corentin Dombrecht image1 600x450px Megaphone Loudspeakers by Corentin Dombrecht image2 600x450px Megaphone Loudspeakers by Corentin Dombrecht image3 600x450px

via Yanko Design

PARROT WiFi and Bluetooth wireless digital photo frame

DIA Parrot by NoDesign main 544x368px
(image credit: PARROT) DIA PARROT by NoDesign | about US$500.00 |

we thought this is the sleekest digital photo frame in the market right now. though we are not sure what’s the market sentiment for such a product but this Mac-ish wireless digital photo frame from PARROT boost an unique technology for image display. if you thought the photo frame’s image looks a little different, well, you are not wrong. due to the separate depth location of the screen and the backlight source which makes the photo frame looks somewhat like a lighted box. the translucent 10.4-inch screen has a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and display photos in 24-bit color. Continue reading PARROT WiFi and Bluetooth wireless digital photo frame

iBox combines the beauty of natural wood and amplified sound

Thodio iBox sound dock main 544px
(image credit: Thodio) Thodio iBox Sound Dock | from €359.00 |

sound docks for iPhone/iPod are a dime of dozen and it comes to point that most sound dock just look bland but not in the case of this handcrafted Thodio iBox which is destined to stand out among its competition with its beautiful natural wood enclosure. the combination of chrome handles for portability and the built-in rechargeable battery means you are all set to blast out the tunes from your iPhone/iPod anytime, anywhere. its 15-hours battery life makes sure your iPhone runs out of juice before it does.

iBox isn’t your run-of-mill sound dock. in fact, you have a wide range of material choice for its enclosure: MDF, oak, teak, mahogany, zebrawood or purpleheart. or you can put in your request to Thodio and they can create a custom set for you. want one handle instead of two? no problem. whatever materials you chose, they will be a good 15 mm thick and all wooden material comes treated with linseed oil which you can opt out.

if outdoor use favors you, Thodio has option for additional coating of seven layers of clear UV and scratch-proof yacht coating to protect your price possession from the harsh element of the sun. however, that’s only applicable to natural wood. for MDF, there’s an option of five layers of high gloss pain in any color of your choice.

standard output is 2 x 24 watts rms in stereo but there’s an option to upgrade the sound department to a 2 x 60 watts rms or 2 x 70 watts rms system. connectivity are one 3.5 mm audio in and one aux-in/out. the sound dock comes packaged with one battery charger, one 3.5 mm jack plug auxiliary cable and one year warranty. prices of the Thodio iBox starts from €359 (about US$496).

images horizontal 544x38px

Thodio iBox in Teak wood 600x400px Thodio iBox in Teak wood 600x400px Thodio iBox in Zebrawood 600x400px Thodio iBox in MDF 600x400px Thodio iBox in Purpleheart wood 600x400px Thodio iBox in Mahogany 600x400px Thodio iBox in Zebrawood 600x400px Thodio iBox - custom material, color and handle 800x538px

new Monster Turbine high performance in-ear earphones

Monster Cable Turbine Pearl main 544x350px
(image credit: Monster Cable) Monster Turbine Pearl In-Ear Speakers | U$229.95 |

in recent years, headphones have transformed from being a simple personal music gear into a fashion statement. case in point: the new Monster Turbine Pearl In-Ear Speakers with Control Talk. styled in the familiar Monster Turbine design with a pearl-color paint job accented with chrome details, this new Monster Turbine buds features the Monster SuperTips in a series of shapes and sizes to give an ideal fit for your ears. it is not just another silicone bud that goes into your ear, the SuperTips is touted to create a superb acoustic chamber in your ears “that seals your music in and noise out.” Continue reading new Monster Turbine high performance in-ear earphones