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1TB storage on the new Western Digital TV Live Hub

WDTV Live Hub with 1TB storage 544px
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finally, a new media player has been rolled out by Western Digital. the WD TV Live Hub (WD added a ‘Hub’ to this new iteration of their popular Full HD 1080p media player) now spots a 1TB networked hard drive. it’s definitely a much welcomed move. connectivity department remains largely unchanged with the usual Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, HDMI 1.4, Composite A/V, Component video and Optical audio. Continue reading 1TB storage on the new Western Digital TV Live Hub

the heavy sound of Marshall in the form of Marshall Headphones

Marshall Headphones
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from guys who rock your world with their guitar amps, comes a more personal equipment – the headphones. Marshall teams up with Swedish headphones specialist, Zound Industries, to create their own line of headphones. not much info is available at this point as Marshall is keeping mum about their new line of products. heading on to their website doesn’t give any hint as well, except for a count-down to the date of release, which is on 15th of November 2010. Continue reading the heavy sound of Marshall in the form of Marshall Headphones

when style meets technology: AlessiTab

AlessiTab - interactive multimedia tablet 544px
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if you are into designer’s gadgets, you are in for a treat. Alessi, an Italian company specializes in beautifully designed contemporary housewares, has announced the AlessiTAB, an interactive multimedia tablet. developed in conjunction with Promelit, the tablet is designed exclusively by Stefano Giovannoni. Stefano is the man behind many beautiful creations such as AlessiPHONE (2009), Alessi Scale (2005), Alessi Toaster (2006), TOTO washlet (2008) et cetera. his attention to detail and forms can certainly be seen in the AlessiTAB.

the AlessiTAB spots a 10.1″ high definition touch screen and runs on Google’s Android 2.1 OS with 1GB of internal memory. the idea behind AlessiTAB is be “the focal point of advance household communications” where everyone in the household will be able to find a use for it. i have no doubt about this. i definitely would have a lot use for it. other features include auto-rotation with gravitational sensor, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connection, DVB-T with antenna, integrated microphone and camera, HD support with HDMI output, USB Port / SD card.

a tablet is only as useful with the right contents, with this understanding Alessi has made quite a few agreement with several establishments to provide content for the AlessiTAB. these include ANSA news and weather, Editoriale Domus – Il Cucchiaio d’Argento, DOKI, Radiotime 13,000 radio stations across the world and INRAN Italian National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition (perfect for health-concious home chef).

The AlessiTAB is scheduled to be available this coming November. However, no words on what’s the price for such a sexy gadget. wait, did i just said ‘sexy’? hmmm…

visit Alessi website.

AlessiTab - interactive multimedia tablet 544px
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techART. changing times – boombox of now and then

techART. changing times by mike 544px
(doodled by mike.)
i find that life could be monotonous without a spice of art, in this case – tech-related topic. so it is tech.get aim to break those boring times with an occasional techART or techTOON, as some would refer it as. and here’s the very first.

this week it’s ‘changing times’. remember the 80s? shoulder pads, permed hair, fluorescent colors fashion, break dances (my personal favorite) and of course, the D-size batteries-operated boom boxes that you carry it anywhere. fast forward to today. you can still do the same but with a sleeker boom box in the form of portable iPod speaker dock. basically, we never changed. only difference is, technology changes.

Revo Heritage Renaissance Radio iPod Dock: sleek retro look

Revo Heritage Renaissance Radio iPhone/iPod Dock 544px
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we just can’t get enough of modern vintage look and here’s the prove: we love the Revo Heritage Renaissance Radio. it has the modern tech livery and an exterior designed around classic European table radio designs from the 1960s. constructed out of aluminum and real walnut veneer, this multi-format digital radio provides coverage of DAB, DAB+, FM and Wi-Fi internet radio and offers wireless audio streaming and docking for iPod. a custom-designed 3” neodymium speaker driver delivers the audio, driven by a superb high fidelity 7W amplifier.

there is also a large graphical OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display and a innovative joystick control system for maximum ease of operation. other connectivity includes 3.5mm auxiliary cable jack, USB port and composite video out. i just don’t understand. why Revo always something that i wanted so bad? for £229.95 (US$360), you can have a piece of this modern vintage.

visit REVO website.

Android watch: Winamp Beta & Whatsapp Messenger for Android

Android Watch 544px
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it’s official: Whatsapp is now available on Android Market – not beta anymore. so friends out there who are using Android devices, can now text me via Whatsapp. saves us some money. great.

remember Winamp? to me Winamp is to MP3 as iPod is to portable music player. that was the first player that i used when i first discovers the wholesome goodness of MP3 music. i sure did have a lot fun with Winamp for desktop back then. you know adding plugins and changing the skins… now Winamp Beta is now available for Android (OS 2.1 & above) users. it will not be just another music player, but it will be a complete media management for Android and syncs seamlessly between your Winamp desktop library, wirelessly or wired via USB cable. the Winamp Beta features persistent player controls, play queue management, widget players & shortcuts and displays song info, album art et cetera.

Bose Lifestyle T20 home theater system

Bose Lifestyle T20 home theater system 544px
the BOSE lifestyle T20 5.1 home theater system is features an easy set-up system named Unify™ intelligent integration system which uses on-screen navigation to simply the system setup. you know what they, a picture speaks louder than words. nothing beats a visual guide on how to setup the system. there’s an ADPATiQ® audio calibration system which analyzes the room’s dimensions and other variables, then automatically adjusts the sound to the room’s acoustics. Continue reading Bose Lifestyle T20 home theater system

Eton Soulra solar-powered iphone/ipod speaker dock

Eton Soulra Solar-powered iPhone/iPod portable speaker dock 544px
(image credit: ETON) ETON Soulra | US$tbc |

if you are a green gadget fan, you probably would be excited that you can now enjoy amplified music from your iPhone or iPod in a green way. this radiator like item charges with the sun light and disperse your music via it’s 11w full-range drivers speakers. in case you are out of juice, it has an AC power input. clad in a ruggedized casing, the Eton Soulra is splash proof, perfect for outdoor adventures. just be mindful that your iPhone/iPod isn’t splash proof. Continue reading Eton Soulra solar-powered iphone/ipod speaker dock

new JBL On Stage iPhone/iPod speaker dock

JBL On Stage iPhone/iPod speaker dock 544px(photo source:

the new JBL On Stage certainly looks like an art sculpture which challenged the conventional speakers design (i.e. round or oblong in shape). termed as the Dynamic JBL Weave design. this could be a conversation piece in your home, an art piece which don’t have to spend top dollars to acquire. available in 2 sizes, the larger of the two is the On Stage IV features 4 x 1-inch (25mm) JBL Odyssey transducers, USB jack that syncs your iPhone/iPod with iTunes when connected to your computer, charges your iPhone/iPod while docked and an infra-red remote control. the smaller model, named, On Stage Micro III, has pretty much the same as the On Stage IV except for being smaller physically, and the Micro comes with two x 1-inch (25mm) JBL Odyssey transducers, instead. the JBL On Stage IV and the Micro III retails at US$149.95 and US99.95 respectively (correct at the time of publishing).

visit JBL website.

Apple unveils next generation iPod Touch & Nano

Apple iPod Touch 544px
just when the world is still gasping over the new iPhone (both the pros and cons about it), Apple introduces the new generation iPod touch (read touch, not itouch) and the iPod nano (i’ve lost count on which generation of nano is at now). the new iPod touch now comes with the goodness carried over from the new iPhone 4, i.e. Retina display, HD video recording, FaceTime et cetera and there’s a new thing called Game Center (which is one of the feature of the iOS 4.1 software update). it also runs on the new A4 processor. which is nice and good news for iPod touch gamers.

Apple iPod Nano 544px
along with touch, there’s a newly designed ipod nano. there are so many generations that i’d lost count. this time the nano comes with Multi-Touch. yeah, you know Multi-Touch? the usual swipe to browse, touch to play stuff and now there’s a home screen with icons in it, which like the Touch and iPhone, you can rearrange them. it is even smaller (width 40.9mm; height 37.5mm; depth 8.78mm) & lighter now, as if it wasn’t already small & light enough, and you can clip nano to your belt now, as in directly with the nano, without any other add-on or cases. oh, there’s accelerometer built into it too. sweet.