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Jawbone JAMBOX gives small package a big sound

Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth Speaker Red Dot 544px
Jawbone JAMBOX Portable Bluetooth Speaker | US$199.99 |

new from the maker of Bluetooth headsets, Jawbone, is a portable Bluetooth speaker dubbed JAMBOX. Jawbone promised to deliver the biggest sound in a smallest package with the JAMBOX. the JAMBOX touted an output capacity of 85 decibels (dB) which measures somewhere between a motorcycle and a rock concert sound level. you get the idea how big the sound is. the JAMBOX features a pair of proprietary acoustic drivers which are capable of producing “extreme high (tweeter) and low (woofer) frequencies from a single, ultra-small dome speaker” and a proprietary moving-wall passive bass radiator. all these goodies are enclosed in an airtight enclosure constructed out of stainless steel and industrial-weight molded rubber casting.

the JAMBOX runs of a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which is capable of 10-hours of continuous play (subjects to volume level and audio content) which recharges via the micro-USB port. the JAMBOX measures 151 x 57 x 40, weighs 327 grams and comes in four designs for your choosing, namely, black diamond, blue wave, grey hex and red dot. if paired with an iPhone, the battery life of the JAMBOX will be displayed on the iPhone. JAMBOX employs Bluetooth 2.1 EDR with a range of at least 33 feet (10 meters) and supports both Windows and Mac. with all the specs (though not specifically detailed), it certainly sounds promising but we just have to wait to audition it before we can really believe what we read. retailing at $199.99, it looks like big sound doesn’t come cheap.

Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth Speaker - designs 544px

LG setting its sight to make 3D glasses fashionable

LG 3D Glasses 544px
(image credit: LG)

with the recent consumer 3D development, the era of red/blue 3D glasses that we know of when watching Jaws 3D (Universal Pictures, 1983) has gone past. even then, 3D glasses remain awkward, bulky and uncomfortable to wear. granted, it is better than those paper – red/blue glasses. it will be just fine if you’re going to wear once in a while when hitting the big screens but what if you will be wearing at home whenever you want to? than i supposed the look and comfort of the 3D eyewear might matters to you or at least looks presentable when you have friends over for a home 3D movie screening marathon.

that’s what LG has in sight – to have users feeling and looking good wearing their 3D glasses. apparently LG figured that the current 3D eyewear is totally uninspiring (read: ugly) which turns off consumers. with that in mind, LG is partnering with Alain Mikli International, a French design firm with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing glasses, to introduce a line of premium 3D glasses (note: not just one lonesome pair). some of the features will include special nose pad to ensure snug fit, spring hinged arms with extended tips and most importantly, an optimal weight ratio. weight of the eyewear is really an issue often heard after a 3D movie screening.

the 3D glasses will be showcased in CES 2011 and due for launch there after. seriously, regardless what the fashion is, people just don’t fancy wearing glasses. there is a reason why there are contact lenses and Lasik. if 3D can be view without glasses, that would be perfect.


Monster Cable to introduce TRON Legacy movie tie-in products this fall

Monster Cable TRON products img1 544px
(image credit: Monster Cable)

is it just me feeling that the TRON movie tie-in has reached an incredible proportion? you have toys that run up the wall (and ceiling) and TRON-inspired gaming mouse and now Monster Cable is set to release a line of products that tie in with the movie TRON Legacy (Walt Disney Pictures, 2010). needless to say, regardless of the products, you can be sure that they are going to be laced with the icy blue lights which has now become synonymous with TRON Legacy. trust me. if you build something now and put on a hint of icy blue lights, you will bound to hear “is that TRON inspired?” Continue reading Monster Cable to introduce TRON Legacy movie tie-in products this fall

waterproof and sweatproof buds for the active lifestyle

H2O Audio Flex All Sport Waterproof Headphones Onyx Black 544pxH2O Audio Flex All Sport Waterproof Headphones | US$29.99 |
(image credit: H2O Audio)

active lifestyle music fans will understand that moisture is the greatest enemy of your music gear, especially to the headphones. H2O Audio has a new line of ear buds that promise to keep those nasty moisture out, including your perspirations.

it is supposed to be 100% waterproof and sweatproof and capable of withstanding submersion of up to 1 meter underwater. not that you can bring it for your swimming session, unless you have an equally waterproofed music player to go along with it. its more for a good thorough rinsing after an active use, to keep those nasty saltish sweat off.

the Flex All Sports Waterproof Headphones come in four different hues to choose from and has three different sizes of Elastomer ear plugs to suit different fittings and the in-ear buds also means noise isolation too. at $29.99 its probably a heck of a deal and because of its waterproof/sweatproof feature, its going to last a long way.

funny, isn’t it? because some of us paid ten times more for some ear buds thats likely to be less ‘tough’. pay less – last longer; pay more – may not last any longer. ironical isn’t it?

H2O Audio Flex All Sport Waterproof Headphones - the colors 544px

a table of speakers: La Boite Concept Laptop Dock

La Boite Concept LD 120 544px
La Boite Concept LD 120 | US$1,300.00 |
(image credit: La Boite Concept)

we are probably familiar with sound dock for iPhone and iPod. how about your laptop? sure you can get any of those puny speakers that probably don’t do much good to your ears, or you get the La Boite Concept Laptop Dock LD 120. basically, the LD 120 is an elegant looking table stuffed with speakers and a bunch circuitry that promise to turn your laptop in to a high-fidelity music player.

if you are those that demand more from your laptop musically, then this 120 watts RMS, 7 drivers equipped table might be your weapon of choice. the LD 120 has a built-in Burr Brown Digital-to-Analogue converter (DAC) (USB sound card) and requires only one wire to get you going. you must be wondering where are the 7 drivers? well, a pair of two-way drivers are located upfront, another two are designed to face the wall and a down firing subwoofer goes underneath the desk.

all these awesome goodness of hi-fi quality audio are beautifully clad in piano lacquer finish and natural leather for the desk pad (which is insulated agains the vibration from the sub-woofer). the LD 120 also lets you charge other devices via its two auxiliary inputs and outlet within the storage compartment. time to give yourself a perfect excuse such as “i have ran out of desktop space to put my laptop” and get this hi-fi quality table. how i wish. except that i don’t even have space for another table…

La Boite Concept LD 120 img2 544px
(image credit: La Boite Concept)

La Boite Concept LD 120 img3 544px
(image credit: La Boite Concept)

La Boite Concept LD 120 img5 544px
(image credit: La Boite Concept)

La Boite Concept LD 120 img8 544px
(image credit: La Boite Concept)

La Boite Concept LD 120 img9 544px
(image credit: La Boite Concept)

La Boite Concept LD 120 img7 544px
(image credit: La Boite Concept)

La Boite Concept LD 120 img6 544px
(image credit: La Boite Concept)


cute buttonless Internet Radio: Q2 Internet Radio

Q2 Internet Radio 544px
(image credit: Q2 Radio) Q2 Internet Radio | £90.00 |

there are many Internet Radio out there in the market but nothing is as close to this cute Q2 Internet Radio. most Internet Radio are of either contemporary or classic design (a little too ‘up there’ to my liking), but Q2 goes the opposite way by being cheerful, ease of setup, fun to use, compact in size and completely void of buttons and knobs (which make the Q2 stands out even more).

with tens of thousands of Internet Radio today, you can imagine the mammoth task in trying to tune in to a particular station that you desire. here’s where the ease of setup comes in. to set, all you have to do is hook up to a PC or Mac, add the desired station to each sides of the Q2 using the free Q2 Internet Radio software (up to four stations can be set). once done, unplug it and you are good to go.

operations of the Q2 is straight forward: turning the Q2 from side to side changes the preset stations and tilting back or forward changes the volume. no screen, no buttons, no knobs. i hear you asking about muting? well, that’s easy too. just put the Q2 on its face – muted. easy. obviously the Q2 uses WiFi to connect to the preset stations and is supplied with rechargeable battery and a main power adapter.

Q2 comes in five different colors: pink, white, blue, green and black.

Q2 Internet Radio - green, front view 544px
(image credit: Q2 Radio)

Q2 Internet Radio green, side view 544px
(image credit: Q2 Radio)

via Gizmag

nature meets technology with Koostik iPhone dock

KOOSTIK iPhone Dock front angled view 544px
(image credit: Koostik) Koostik iPhone Dock | from US$85 |

technology advancements really gets to our head and we started going on some unstoppable buy-buy-buy spree, adding more advanced gadgets to our already burgeoning gadgetry arsenal. its an addiction. but isn’t it time to take step back from those expensive designers electronics and get back to basic? well, you can start with the low-tech KOOSTIK iPhone dock.

the KOOSTIK is a sound dock that amplifies your iPhone by 2 to 4 times – hardly an exhilarating performance comparing the sound docks out in the market but it was never meant to be a performance sound dock to start with. for a start Koostik is all natural and doesn’t use any form electronic for sound amplification. amplification sounds is via channelling of the docked iPhone to the left and right hollowed out ‘speakers’.

no electronics involved means that no power is required to use the KOOSTIK. however, it also won’t be able to charge your iPhone while your are spinning your tunes. accordingly to the designer, this beautiful crafted sound dock is not a replacement to electronically amplified item but its more intended for intimate vocals and instrumentals sound in relax settings. well, we heard you KOOSTIK. we saw the video demo and we are totally impressed.

KOOSTIK is hand made entirely out of solid wood in America and is available in six different solid wood combinations. good news for those outside of the USA, KOOSTIK ships internationally too.

KOOSTIK iPhone Dock front view 544px
(image credit: Koostik)

KOOSTIK iPhone Dock side view 544px
(image credit: Koostik)

KOOSTIK iPhone Dock 544px
(image credit: Koostik)

via Gizmag

serving up music to audiophile: Olive O6HD Music Server

Olive O6HD Music Server - black - angled front view 544px
(image credit: Olive HiFi) Olive O6HD Music Server | US$4999.90 |

hot on the heel after the release of the first budget HD Music Server in September, Olive announces the Olive O6HD Music Server this month. dubbed as the HD Audiophile Server, it is no easy task in making such claims especially when we talked home-ripped music. the O6HD spots a 10.1 inch widescreen color touchscreen for ease of browsing your music collection and it comes with a ultra quiet 2TB AV hard drive which is capable of storing up to 6,000 CDs in their original quality or 20,000 HD tracks.

as with all Olive music server, the OH6HD has front slot loading Teach-mechansim CDRW drive and one-touch recording function to turn your CD into a digital copy. to offer the most audiophile experience from the ripped music, the O6HD features a fully-balanced differential Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) with goodies such as two 24-bit/192 kHz DAC modules (Ti Burr-Brown PCM1792) and the TI SRC4194 Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter capable of up-sampling to 24-bit/384 kHz.

aside from ripping CDs, the CDRW is also capable of burning audio, MP3 and Data CDs. supported audio formats are the usual WAV, FLAC, MP3 (128 & 320 kbit/s) as well as AAC (128 kbit/s). for those who loves to immerse themselves with the music without other ambience disturbance, you will be delighted by the high-end headphone output powered by a dedicated TI 192khz/24-bit Burr-Brown PCM1792 and a TI TPA61620A2 high performance audio amplifier.

there are a bunch of connectivity associated with this high-end music server, both analog and digital. analog audio connectivity includes gold-plated RCA, 6.4mm headphone jack, XLR connector – which are usually found on professional A/V equipment. digital audio output is the form of AES/EBU connector, S/PDIF optical TOSLINK and gold-plated S/PDIF coaxial cinch. other connectivity include wireless 802.11n, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI and USB 1.1/2.0 port.

all these goodies are housed in a passive cooled anodized fine-grade aluminum shell, thus making it not only aesthetically pleasing but extremely quiet. which is an important aspect if you demand the most out of your lossless music. the O6HD is available in Silver or Black. its pretty hard to list down all the features from a almost $5000 machine, so we suggest you checking out Olive HIFI website for more details.

Olive O6HD Music Server - Silver - top view 544px
(image credit: Olive HiFi)

Olive O6HD Music Server - Silver - front view 544px
(image credit: Olive HiFi)

Olive O6HD Music Server - Silver - back view 544px
(image credit: Olive HiFi)

home-made videos in 3D: ViewSonic 3DV5 3D HD Camcorder

ViewSonic 3DV5 HD Camcorder 544px

(photo credit: ViewSonic 3DV5 HD Camcorder | US$180 |

looks like consumer 3D recording/imaging is being realized faster then we thought. recently, ViewSonic announced the ViewSonic 3DV5 3D HD Camcorder capable of taking 3D HD videos and 3D still images which you can preview instantly (in 3D) on its 2.4 inch 3D TFT LCD screen, without the need for special 3D glasses.

this palm-size camcorder has a pair of lenses with 5 Megapixel sensors (CMOS) built-in. the 3DV5 comes embedded with ArcSoft Wizard and a pair of red/cyan 3D glasses, which allows you to enjoy 3D videos and images on a standard PC or notebook. the 3DV5 is also capable of 2D recordings/images and HD is the form of 720p videos at 30 frames per second (fps).

the 3DV5 has an internal 10MB storage and an SD/SDHC card slot that supports 256MB up to 32GB SDHC, which should give you ample storage for your HD recordings/shots. the lenses are fixed focus lens but comes with 4X digital zoom. powering the camcorder is a NP60 1200mA Li-ion rechargeable battery. there’s no formal indication of it’s battery expected performance though.

other features include mini HDMI and a USB 2.0 port for connectivity, a standard tripod mount socket, built-in stereo microphone and one 0.5W speaker built-in. the camcorder measures 71mm x 120mm x 29mm and weighs in at 120 grams. given the size which is much larger than an iPhone 4, the 3DV5 is consider pretty light (just give you a rough idea, iPhone 4 weighs about 140 grams).

with all the hype about 3D, sometimes i wonder if we really need 3D at all? but then again, at US$180, its certainly a budget way to take a dip into the world of 3D and once there, if you find that 3D isn’t your cup of tea, the 3DV5 can always take 2D videos and images.

zip up those ear buds: Zipbuds By DGA

Zipbuds by DGA 544px

(photo credit: Zipbuds By DGA | US$39.99 |

if you are looking for a tangle-free earphones, and you need something more than just fabric cords then Zipbuds by DGA could be it. the highlight of the Zipbuds is the tangle resistant zipper integrated cable. tangle-free? makes sense to us, cos’ we can’t really tangle a zipper, can we?

while it may seems quite bulky looking (as compared to traditional cord), but the concept of zipper makes it a style-statement. the zipper portion only runs up to a few inches before the noise-isolating stubbed ear buds, so you won’t look ridiculous wearing it. other features of the Zipbuds include Dupont Kevlar reinforced cabling, braided nylon cable, gold plated audio jack, 8mm driver with a rated output of 2mW (max input: 5mW).

the Zipbuds come in 5 different color and includes three custom fitted ear tip sizes, two sport ear clips and a storage pouch. pretty neat huh? just don’t confuse with your jacket’s zipper.

i thought the Zipbuds is suitable for those who’s looking for tangle-free earbuds and at the same time, doing it with style.

Zipbuds by DGA 544px
(photo credit: