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sleek Madison puts multimedia right before your eyes

Novero MADISON Video Eyewear main 544x311px
(image credit: Novero) Novero MADISON Video Eyewear | €249.00 |

this sleek, curvy form eyewear looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. dubbed the MADISON Video Eyewear, this pair of video eyewear lets user immersed in a full-viewing experience akin to watching from a 30-inch TV at a 2-meter distant. the video eyewear comprises of two part, a portable media player which is connected via a cable to the video eyewear.

the portable media player has D-pad-like control for menu navigations which is projected on the onscreen display. the player has a standard 2 GB internal storage, which is expandable up to 32 GB via the SD card slot. the Novero Madison Video Eyewear features two OLED displays with 320 x 240 pixels resolution and weights 63 grams without the player and cable. it comes packaged with a frame for corrective lenses and composite video cable for input from external players such as your Blu-ray player.

the accompanying software (for both PC & Mac) which employs simple drag and drop method, let users manage their videos. the software also automatically convert your videos, optimized for the video eyewear thus eliminating the hassle of converting videos manually. with the purchase of the optional adapter, the eyewear can also accept other portable media player such as the iPod, iPhone and other mobile phones.

the idea is, we spent too much time waiting and doing nothing while we are waiting for our train or commuting around, thus this video eyewear could provides us with some much needed entertainment if your local train station busker isn’t there to entertain you. the best part is, we can do it without those nosy people peeking on what you are watching. just remember to remove it when its time for you to walk, else you might just ended up in a pillar.

the Novero MADISON Video Eyewear is set to retail around €249 (about US$339) and will be available sometime in the second quarter of 2011.

images horizontal 544x38px 
Novero MADISON Video Eyewear img1 600x350px Novero MADISON Video Eyewear img2 600x350px Novero MADISON Video Eyewear img3 600x350px Novero MADISON Video Eyewear img4 600x350px Novero MADISON Video Eyewear img5 600x350px

when sound system meets coffee table, Acoustable is born

Acoustable main 544x360px
(image credit: Acoustable) Acoustable Coffee Table | US$PoA |

not so long ago, Mr. Sound System met and fell in love with Ms. Coffee Table which lead to their holy matrimony as initiated by Belgian designers Jérôme Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer and soon after, Acoustable was born. on the surface, Acoustable looks just like another round coffee table but it is not. it is a coffee table and sound system rolled into one. this marriage between a coffee table and a sound system makes perfect sense as coffee table is most likely to be in the center of the living room, thus for the first time, music can be projected right from the center of a living space. unless, you choose to place some speakers in the middle of your living room, which frankly, would be rather awkward.

the gap between the table top and the base is not a magazine shelf but instead, hidden within is a Teac sound system comprising of a stereo amplifier with USB/iPod interface, woofer and speaker system. the Acoustable also comes with a NEXTGEN’s Infrared to RF remote extender allowing remote controlled operations of the sound system without the need for line of sight. the table itself is made out of polymer and mineral blend that combines the advantages of stone and plastic. from the exterior, there isn’t a single hint of technical elements, other than the media player and the remote control device, which can be both stow away in a built pocket.

the Acoustable measures 120-cm in diameter, 50-cm high and weighs 70-kg. now for the golden question: where can i get one of this awesome coffee table? well, there are no words on its pricing and availability but if you are dying to lay your hands on one then i guess contacting the people responsible for Acoustable will be best bet but in the meantime, do check out some images of the Acoustable after the jump.

images horizontal 544x38px 
Acoustable - action shot 600x400px Acoustable 600x400px Acoustable - action shot top view 600x400px Acoustable - top view 600x400px Acoustable Coffee Table 600x400px Acoustable - putting it together 900x600px

via Born Rich

Klang Ultrasonic Speakers send audio in one direction

Klang Ultrasonic Speakers - studio shot 544x352px
(image credit: Adam Moller) Klang Ultrasonic Speakers | US$NA (concept) |

get ready for the sound of the future, cos’ ultrasonic speakers might be just around the corner. the Klang Ultrasonic Speakers designed by Adam Moller for Bang & Olufsen, is not your conventional speakers but it uses low-level ultrasound from a node that’s attached to a dish. accordingly to Adam, the relative location of the node to the focal point on the dish will determine the spread of this low-level signal.

in a nutshell, user will be able to direct the sound to a specific direction by adjusting the signal spread of the speakers. the signal spread can be achieved by varying the node distance from the brass reflection dish. simply amazing. though this is only a concept, but i’m sure it will pave the way for such sound reproduction in a not so distant future. just imagine being able to choose to listen music yourself or share it with the rest in a room, all by the adjustment of the nodes.

on the construction aspect of this beautifully crafted speakers, the ultrasonic speaker dish are actual brass pieces machined by Adam using a lathe machine, while the base was 3D printed and the rest of pieces that made up the Klang were also machined using lathe after being created from instacast. simply a gorgeous work of art where technology and design meets. i want one real bad. since we can’t have one right now, we might as well check out some of lovely images of the Klang after the jump.

images horizontal 544x38px

Klang Ultrasonic Speakers - intro cover 600x388px Klang Ultrasonic Speakers - studio shot 600x388px Klang Ultrasonic Speakers - the tech behind it 600x388px Klang Ultrasonic Speakers - the anatomy 600x388px Klang Ultrasonic Speakers - focused audio 600x388px

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minimalism: Nixon The Trooper 3 Button headphones

Nixon Trooper 3 Button - Matte White & Matte Black 544x311px
(image credit: Nixon) Nixon The Trooper 3 Button Headphones | US$60.00 |

you can’t get any minimalist than this new pair of cans from Nixon, the maker of wrist watches. yes. watch maker… Nixon has been into personal audio equipment for quite sometime now and The Trooper 3 Button is the latest to join the ranks of cans and buds in their headphones and audio accessories line up.

design and specs-wise, the Trooper 3 Button is essentially The Trooper with an added 3 Button in-line remote which is compatible with iPhone. other features include padded headband, custom molded silicone ear cushions and collapsible headband for easy storage. well, not that the headphones is any bigger but that how it is designed to be. the cord is also removable, again for easy storage.

The Trooper 3 Button comes in a choice of two colors: matte black and matte white. plain and simple. The Trooper 3 Button retails for $60 and is available now on Nixon online store.

ARKCANARY has an iPhone dock built into its shelf

ARKCANARY action shot 544x270px
(image credit: ARK) ARKCANARY iPhone/iPod Dock Shelf | US$tbc |

we have seen iPhone/iPod dock integrated into table, so now, how do you like your iOS devices to dock to your book shelf? well, from the guys who brought to you the chunky iPhone 4 case, comes the ARKCANARY, an iPhone/IPod dock integrated into shelf. what looks like an ordinary shelf has a dock for your iPhone/iPod complete with flushed digital LED clock at the front of the shelf, a pair of stereo speakers and subwoofer.

if non-mobility and integration are the key aspects for your home deco, the ARKCANARY could be the furniture dock of choice. however, no further info on the actual specs of the speaker system or the actual dimensions of the shelf are available at this point. unfortunately, it is still a ‘coming soon’ product and there are no words on its final pricing to date.

ARKCANARY close-up 544x180px

stream almost anything from your PC to your TV

Veebeam img1 544x311px
(image credit: Daimler) Veebeam SD and HD | from US$99.00 |

there are a variety of devices in the market that enables streaming of digital contents from PC to TV but if you have budget constraints, Veebeam could be the solution – balancing between your wants and your budget. basically, Veebeam consists of two components, the transmitter in the form of USB antenna connected to your computer and the receiver unit that connects to your HDTV. Continue reading stream almost anything from your PC to your TV

luxurious Swarovski crystals encrusted headphones

Swarovski DJ Headphones 544px
(image credit: Firebox) Swarovski DJ Headphones | £1,799.99 |

a pair of Swarovski crystals encrusted cans has just joined the world of bling-bling or pimp my cans, or whatever you call it. i can’t believe my eyes and the price tag on this pair of shimmering shiny cans when i first saw it (in picture, of course). basically some DJs decided that their usual black pair of cans doesn’t stand out as much when they were spinning the tunes and decided to cover a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphone all over with (what else?) Swarovski crystals. how’s that for the ultimate bling? want one? it’s available for pre-order over at Firebox for just under £1,800 (approximately US$2,862).

La Boite is back with an arcade cabinet for your Mac

La Boite Concept La Premiere - Yellow & White Premiere 544x311px
(image credit: La Boite) La Boite Concept La Premiere | US$PoA |

remember La Boite Concept? the French firm that gives you the beautiful laptop speaker table? well, they are back with something retro-licious and fun. this time a one-piece stereophonic unit, dubbed La Premiere, with a design inspired by the arcade machine cabinet. on the sound department, it has a single unit three-way stereo loudspeaker which includes two 10-inch carbon subwoofers, two 5-inch fiberglass midrange drivers and two soft dome tweeters. Continue reading La Boite is back with an arcade cabinet for your Mac

steampunk record player is powered by steam, what else?

Asciimation Steampunk-o-phone img1 544px
(image credit: Asciimation)

steam power was the power of choice for transportation in the past. these days we hardly heard about steam power except for our household irons. from the New Zealander who hand-built the NERF pistol, is this turntable powered by a miniature steam engine. the steam engine does make a lot of noise but once the record is span, it kind of drowns the engine a little. or maybe that’s was because he was playing punk rock music, so i guess this isn’t meant for ballet. Continue reading steampunk record player is powered by steam, what else?

Sanwa rolls out 3D glasses that works on most 3D TV

Sanwa 'Universal' 3D Glasses 544x311px
(image credit: Sanwa) Sanwa Universal 3D Glasses | ¥7,800 |

one of the things that stop people from buying a 3D TV is perhaps not the lack of 3D glasses from the manufacturers but it is the price for ‘additional’ pairs required. if you happen to buy a few more pairs, those pairs of ‘additional’ 3D glasses would likely to go to waste if you upgrade your TV to another make. well, you stop these worries today. Sanwa announced yesterday the availability of a pair of 3D glasses that is said to work with all 3D TV sold in Japan, which includes major brand such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba.

running off a rechargeable built-in battery, the glasses is charged via a supplied USB cable and even comes with three sizes of interchangeable nose bridge to suit different nose features. after all, no two noses are the same, isn’t it? very thoughtful. the glasses weighs in at just 55 grams (1.94 oz). its not pretty but at least it will works with most Japanese 3D TV, and cost only ¥7,800 (approximately US$95).

images bar 150x67 Sanwa 3D Glasses - details (in Japanese) 544px Sanwa 3D Glasses - different perspectives 544px

via Akihabara News