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concept Holga. D camera sticks close to the traditions

Holga D by Saikat Biswas 544x468px
(image credit: Saikat Biswas) Holga . D | US$NA (concept) |

lomography enthusiasts adore the anticipation associated with analog photography. however, its a double shot of anticipation for me: first you can’t review what you have shot and second, the wait for the film to be developed in the studio. i like lomography, while i can put up with the inability to review what i have shot, i simply can’t endure the wait for the development. industrial designer Saikat Biswas must have shared the same dilemma, judging from his concept Holga . D digital camera which attempts to “brings back the joy and delayed gratification associated with good analog photography.” Continue reading concept Holga. D camera sticks close to the traditions

love lomo? love the new Fisheye No.2 from Lomography

Lomography Fisheye No 2 main 544px
(image credit: Lomography) Lomography Fisheye No.2 “I love you | I love Lomo” Edition | US$89.76 |

still wondering what to get for your love one this Valentine’s Day? how about this special Valentine’s Day Edition Fisheye No 2 entitled “I love you | I love Lomo” Edition film camera? though the naming may not sound politically correct to your love one, or at least not completely correct. red is the staple color for the most romantic time of the year, or so it seems and hence the Fisheye No 2 spots a brand new red/white paint job with a ‘heart’ on the lens cap. Continue reading love lomo? love the new Fisheye No.2 from Lomography

Split Strap improves comfort of your carrying bags

Custom SLR Split Strap img2 544x311px
(image credit: Split Strap Adapteive Strap | from US$20.00 |

this is something we never gave too much thought to it – a shoulder strap for your cameras and bags. who would think a contraption as simple as a shoulder strap could be further improved? as a matter of fact, these guys over at Custom SLR think a strap can be further improved. it turns out that traditional strap does not distribute its weight on our shoulder equally which often results in strain to the user. Continue reading Split Strap improves comfort of your carrying bags

VistaQuest VQ1015 R2 is lomography goes digital

VistaQuest VQ1015 R2 img1 544px
(image credit: VistaQuest/neongeckooo/St. Vicious) VistaQuest VQ1015 R2 Digital Camera | about US$70.00 |

if you thought dreamy colors, vignettes and contrasty pictures associated with lomography is only achievable by film, think again. the VQ 1015 R2 from VistaQuest, gives you the fun you had with lomography without the hassle of hitting the photo shops to develop those artsy photos you have taken. spotting a modest 1.3 megapixels, the VQ 1015 R2 features an unique fixed lens setup: one glass layer and two plastic layers. the plastic lens is true to lomography’s tradition. it boost a CMOS with better response under lowlight condition and adjustable parameters for focus, shutter speed, light adjustment, and image stabilization. Continue reading VistaQuest VQ1015 R2 is lomography goes digital

pre-order for retro-listic Fujifilm FinePix X100 is on

Fujifilm Finepix X100 544x311px
(image credit: Fujifilm) Fujifilm FinePix X100 | US$1,199.00 |

i’m not sure why would someone fork out $1,200 for a compact digital camera, other than for a DSLR but if you are one of those photography enthusiast with deep-pockets, then perhaps you can head on to ADORAMA to pre-order the retro-licious Fujifilm FinePix X100 compact digital camera. for the uninitiated, the Fujifilm FinePix X100 is a high-grade digital compact camera which features the firm newly developed Hybrid Viewfinder, an APS-C CMOS sensor with the Fujinon 23mm fixed focal length lens. designed for DSLR users who need a compact back-up camera when the bigger DSLR camera is not convenient to be used or simply for enthusiasts who demand quality pictures from a compact size digital camera. priced at $1,199, it is available for pre-order at ADORAMA now. Continue reading pre-order for retro-listic Fujifilm FinePix X100 is on

a bigger picture from the 5-inch external display for DSLR

Sony CLM-V55_A55 img1 544px
(image credit: Sony) Sony CLM-V55 External HDMI Monitor | US$tbc |

photographers and videographers will welcome the new Sony CLM-V55 external HDMi monitor which will give them a glorious 5-inch view of their subject with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. the WVGGA monitor attached easily to any existing hot shoe of your equipment. some of the features include adjustable aspect ratio (16:9 and 4:3), volume adjustment, brightness/contrast/color tone adjustment and auto dimmer.

the CLM-V55 gives a new a literal meaning to ‘seeing things in a bigger picture’. picture framing for movies and photography could be a whole lot easier and precise, rather than squinting over the tiny 1.5-inch screen. for those outdoor shoot, the CLM-V55 comes with a detachable LCD hood for viewing under the bright sunlight. rather then lugging a full monitor around for your shoot which impedes your mobility in the process, the CLM-V55 could be a handy solution.

images bar 150x67 Sony CLM-V55_A55 img1 600px Sony CLM-V55_A55 img2 600px Sony CLM-V55_A55 img3 600px

via Akihabara News

$12,950 Leica M9 limited edition silver chrome set

Leica M9 limited edition img1 544px
Leica M9 limited edition silver chrome set | US$12,950.00 |
(image credit:

i found myself saying this: Leica is no stranger to churning out camera that’s beautiful and ridiculously expensive. here’s the latest to join the flock: the limited edition Leica M9 silver chrome body which features scratch-resistant sapphire glass, silver chrome body (of course!) wrapped in brown ostrich leather, matching custom ostrich brown leather camera strap and Leica Summicron 35mm f/2 silver chrome lens.

only 50 of this beauty are available and the kit is now available at the Leica Boutique in Palm Beach and Popflash. the price? a whopping $12,950. for this grand price, you will get two-year warranty and a copy of the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3. for which OS? we have no idea. seriously, is there any difference from a five figure camera to a three figure one? obviously, i am not within the demographic that would purchase this but i’d get my satisfaction by just looking at the pictures of it. you can do that too by checking out the images below.

images bar 150x67 Leica M9 limited edition - front view 544px Leica M9 limited edition - back view 544px Leica M9 limited edition - top view 544px

via BornRich

control your dSLR remotely with an iPhone via Bluetooth

blueSLR Remote Shutter img1 544px
(image credit: blueSLR) blueSLR Receiver | from US$149.00 |

these days, iPhone apps and accompanying hardware to do specialized tasks seem rather overwhelming. just few days ago, we posted about iGrill and now we found something that will interest shutterbugs: the blueSLR remote shutter. working in tandem with an app, the blueSLR lets user control the camera’s setting such as focus, shutter speed or timer with an iOS device. wirelessly, of course.

the blueSLR is particularly useful for taking self-portrait and group photo when there’s no one around to assist in the photo-taking. the accompanying hardware is a Bluetooth receiver unit that plugs into the GPS port of most Nikon cameras. the blueSLR also feature geotagging of photos taken, though the main highlight would have taken the limelight away from it. the app is free and is available on the appstore, while the hardware will set you back at $149.

blueSLR Remote Shutter img2 544px
(image credit: blueSLR)

blueSLR Remote Shutter img3 544px
(image credit: blueSLR)

new old vintage of the week: limited edition Polaroid 660 Sun camera

Limited Edition Polaroid 660 Sun Camera img1 544p
(image credit: Photojojo) Limited Edition Polaroid 660 Sun Camera | US$200.00 |

this isn’t exactly a “new” vintage but its a good old classic from the 80s, dusted, reconditioned, polished and brought back to life and presented to us, letting us relive the glory days of instant photography. the limited edition Polaroid 660 Sun camera was a collaboration between Photojojo and Impossible Project.

the Sun 660 camera has a 116mm, f/11 lens and features built-in auto flash, a dark/light exposure slider and an innovative sonar focusing. the limited edition comes packaged with a box of PX 600 Film (8 exposures) and a limited edition Photojojo + Impossible Project box set.

the Sun 660 is one of the three classic Polaroid cameras being “resurrected” by Photojojo and Impossible Project and is available from Photojojo Store at $200. not a bad deal, considering you will be owning a piece of the instant photography history.

Limited Edition Polaroid 660 Sun Camera img2 544px
(image credit: Photojojo)

Limited Edition Polaroid 660 Sun Camera img3 544px
(image credit: Photojojo)

UNDERABOVE: combining above and under water photography

In Kyung HAN UNDERABOVE img1 544px
(image credit: In Kyung Han)

ever wanted to take underwater pictures and also wishes that you could capture what’s above the water at the same time? apparently this is the question that spurred designer In Kyung Han to design the first dual-lens above-and-under water camera, dubbed the UNDERABOVE.

UNDERABOVE is a self buoy camera with two lenses – one above the water and the other under water. it makes use of air for top half of the camera body to stay afloat and water in the lower half to keep the under water camera submerged. this careful proportioning of air and water design helps the UNDERABOVE camera stays afloat.

similar to a conventional digital camera, the UNDERABOVE camera features an LCD screen for previewing of shot of both above and under water camera, and also allow reviewing of taken shots. there’s also a timer for taking self-portraits when no one is around to help you out. i just don’t see how this is going to work out in wide open sea… wouldn’t the current bring the camera somewhere else even before you got ready?

nevertheless, for her ingenious idea and design, IN Kyung Han was award the Red Dot: Best of the Best award. kudos!

In Kyung HAN UNDERABOVE img2 544px
(image credit: In Kyung Han)

In Kyung HAN UNDERABOVE img3 544px
(image credit: In Kyung Han)

In Kyung HAN UNDERABOVE img4 544px
(image credit: In Kyung Han)

In Kyung HAN UNDERABOVE img5 544px
(image credit: In Kyung Han)

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