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unleash your desire for sprockets with Lomography Sprocket Rocket

Lomography Sprocket Rocket 544px
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go sprockets with the new Lomography Sprocket Rocket. touted as the ‘new evolution for analog photography’, the new Sprocket Rocket features a super wide angle lens (30mm) that captures the whole width of the film, including sprockets – hence the name Sprocket Rocket. it is also fitted with a reverse gear which allows you to flash back to the photos you have taken and remix them with multiple exposure. so now you can go back and forth the pictures you taken to your heart content, albeit you can’t view it real time like a digital camera. other features include B-setting mode for nighttime/long-exposures, zone focusing, hotshoe for flash and standard tripod screw. Continue reading unleash your desire for sprockets with Lomography Sprocket Rocket

Nikon Japan goes 3D with my Picturetown 3D

Nikon my Picturetown 3D - only in Japan 544px
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yet another Japan-only campaign, at least for now. there’s no announcement of 3D imaging device from Nikon, but this Japan-only service converts 2D image to 3D image at the online storage portal my picturetown 3D. these converted images can then sent to others or share with your friends online. however, you will need the Nikon NF-300i 3D digital frame to view the converted pictures.

the Nikon NF-300i features a 7.2-inch LCD panel with lenticular lenses on it which allows user to view the images in 3D without the use of 3D glasses. the 3D picture frame is not available for sale but it’s available for loan at ¥1,995 (US$24) per month or ¥19,950 (US$244) a year. not surprisingly, terms and conditions do apply. with the rental price, comes with up to 3 free 3D conversion after which each conversion cost ¥300 (US$3.66) per image. wow. that’s kind of pricey, eh?

in my opinion, Nikon is promoting its NF-300i 3D digital picture frame more than the portal. the portal could be just a promotional tool to push for the usage of NF-300i and at the same time generates some form of return to cover it’s operational cost. if that’s the case, it could be an effective strategy, at least when the novelty-factor is still present. it also helps to hold the consumers’ interest in Nikon’s 3D products, till Nikon actually announces further developments. wise choice. rather than letting your potential consumers flock to other manufacturer. maybe not as impressive as launching a physical 3D imaging device but this will at least keep the interest high, and possibly the anticipation mood going.

Nikon 3D digital picture frame NF-300i
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via Tech-On.

inflatable photo studio let you shoot almost anywhere in 3 minutes

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don’t have a photography studio? fret not. the inflatable photo studio or IPS takes 3 minutes to become your temporary photo studio. bring in your equipment, and you are good to go. the large IPS comes a 2 ft drum fan that is very quiet and pushes over 3500+ cubic ft of air per minute making the walls pretty solid. the IPS is going for US$599.00. so stop renting and start inflating your own studio.. provided you can find a space to do that and remember to grab a power generator too.

via DVICE.

new old vintage of the week: Diana Mini Lomography Camera

Diana Mini lomography camera 544px(photo source:

feeling nostalgic like i did? grab a Diana Mini lomo camera and starts snapping away. lomography is not only an art, it is the lifestyle. the palm-size Diana Mini now comes with a range of accessories to go with it, not to mention the available color options. don the Diana Mini with the leather ready-to-shoot camera case, the princess is even more alluring then ever, and if you are feeling a little more sophisticated, grab a piece of the matching leather neck strap and the flash case too. style factor 10 out of 10. now where’s my bell-bottomed pants…. Continue reading new old vintage of the week: Diana Mini Lomography Camera

project D.I.Y. light tent

haven’t been doing much lately, been busy formulating for my ‘official’ website. however, i managed to get a D.I.Y. light tent done (which is something i have always wanted to do) based on the guide in Digital Photography School. disclaimer: i don’t have a SLR, plus i am not good with camera but i must say the light tent saves me plenty of time from editing on photoshop. for the interior, instead of using strips of blister board as recommended, i am being more ‘extravagant’ by cutting out a windows on a piece of vanguard sheet so that the side is now in one piece without any seams. however, my stock vanguard isn’t long enough for this big box. this resulted in a seam at the photography area. check out my version of the light tent below with the photo samples. pardon me for it’s filmsy look – it is filmsy – the carton box suffered quite an ordeal while in the process of being converted into a light tent 😀


the sample of the photos were taken for a LED lights blogsite, which is being maintained by me 🙂 you can check out the blogsite HERE or by clicking on the photos.

and here are a couple more of the ‘results’ with a little cropping and exposure adjustment with photoshop:

pretty neat huh? no more using the lasso tool or pen tool and painstaking cropping the unwanted background out. that’s good news. info: that’s my lovely iPod classic with my all time favorite Gelaskins. photos taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28.